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the change to elbow drop in Omega is so annoying to get used to, makes the move a lot worse imo


Haven’t posted in a while but with omega out and some new stuff to mess with figured I’d post some findings.

Cr.forward is cancelable. Both hits. Close and far strong force a stand.
It’s unfortunate we can no long link cr. short to st. Strong. It seems most combos off a light will have to come from a jab.

Anyone else notice the timing of ff chain is different? It’s slower. Kind of has a rhythm like how it was in the alphas rather than just a true chain like it is in sf4.

I dig the new sweep. Seems like a good footsie tool.

Also the counter(dp+k)is kara cancelable to ultra. I don’t know what use this is. Might be better for ultra 2. It’s practical applications seem meh though.

I’ll post more if I find out anything else that hasn’t already been found.

#1763 will still be the starter, it links to cr.lp and


Masked vigilante. Pretty bland colors, number 6 (black) stands out because it’s the only one where the mask is visibly different. The pink is alright too.

Look at that tail, you could almost smack people around with that thing.


How do do you get the colors past 12?


You select the number (13 to 22) and press OK.


I still check SRK every now and then, but admittedly, I don’t come here often anymore.

It’s nice to still see posts like yours, offering advice and tech. Reminded me when the forum was much more active. And, yeah, I’m definitely going to incorporate (“steal”) some of your tips if my old man hands allow for me to do so.


I dont know if theres much to steal from me Streak, I myself learnt a lot from you. But since I’m mostly an observer than a player nowadays, will definitely keep the posts coming.


Messing around with an option select to try and create a double OS to punish Focus back-dash

Normal OS’s

:d: + :lp:, :qcf: , :d: + :lk: + :mk: -> Option select on lp whiff is Ex.BSK. on hit you will get cr.lp-> The delay between the qcf and the :3k: for the EX will delay the input enough so that the EX doesn’t trigger on hit or block, only on whiff. <- Reversals

:d: + :lp: , :qcf: , :d: + :lp: + :mp: -> Option select on lp whiff is Ex.HZO. on hit you will get cr.lp->cr.lp. The delay between the qcf and the :3p: for the EX will delay the input enough so that the EX doesn’t trigger on hit or block, only on whiff. <- Backdashes

The only problem I’m having for a double option select is the possibility that your secondary inputs get blocked on the backdash.

At the moment, the best I have is:

:d:+:lp:, :qcf:, :d:+:lk:+:mk: , :qcf:, :d:+:lk:+:mk:

It’s a corner Double OS.

On counter hit you get lp, lk, lk - which you can turn into BCC>HK.BSK for some sweet damage and moderate stun.
On reversal you get whiff lp, EX.BSK, good enough to trade.
On Backdash you get the same. In the corner though, the frame spread of the Ex.BSK hits will insure that it isn’t escaped by a backdash by anyone.
On Focus Backdash you get lp > whiff lk > Ex.BSK, same predicament as the one before.


I’ve been doing a bit of testing with linking Run-overhead -> cr LK

These characters seem to be the only ones who you can consistently link cr LK after BOTH a single-hit or double-hit Run-overhead

Shotos (Ryu, ERyu, Ken, Akuma, Oni)
Adon, Fuerte, Rose, Cammy, Decapre, Poison

Every other character you can only link after a double-hit, or after a single-hit, but never both. Some characters you can not link cr LK at all.

These are all on crouch block by the way.

EDIT: these are all on recorded crouch block not the dummy crouch auto block


're test with recorded crouch block instead of the AI blocking


Was that a question Blood? In which case, yes, these were tested with recorded crouch block.


Then Blanka should be on that list because he always results for me ._.

should note though, on Rose and Vega you cannot do x2 > on them as they will always block the, the range pushes them just outside of the first active frame of This does have a chance to happen on Chun depending on spacing at least from testing and matches. So for some people it’s better to get that link off one lk or just LK xx EX Hozanto/MK tatsu (if in range for it)


Yeah I guess I’ll add in Blanka and maybe the others like Rolento and Elena, to be honest I ignored them because I was disappointed that neck flip only hits once.

As for Vega and Rose, cr LK -> TC is possible after two-hit overhead, I’m not 100% sure about single hit, but as you said crLK xx ex hozanto seems to be a good option.


You are massively overcomplicating things here. Cr jab is chainable, so if you’re looking to specifically beat focus back dash, you have time to let off 2 x cr jabs > sweep. First jab will be absorbed, second will whiff as they back dash (or beat the focus attack if they let it rip), then sweep punish.

Although if you were specifically looking for a special to OS into, EX run slide would be the best bet.


I’m looking for something more obnoxious - a double OS that has an option for backdash AND Focus Backdash irrespective of which is done.


Not really a double OS here, but speaking of focus backdashes, if Ibuki or Dhalsim focus backdash away from your [cr LP -> cr LP + cr HK] option select, you can react with EX Hozanto immediately after the second cr LP whiffs and hit them.

I’m not a great tester, so please tell me if you manage to get this working on other characters.


Well I be damned. I usually struggle with bison, until I decided to try constantly draining his charge with HP bushin flips…

Two rage quits already. They really really really don’t like this do they lol


OS against Abel’s wakeup

cr LP -> cr LP + cr HP

If Abel does raw backdash, cr HP will catch him and you can combo far MP xx RSL/EX HZT


Excuse double post, but I wanted to keep this post seperate

I can’t say this is exclusive to Guy, but here’s an option select to catch opponents’ wake up moves that don’t have throw invincibility, though this will be useless against raw backdashes and some focus backdashes.

Basically input a string against the opponent’s wakeup, such as cr LP -> cr LP or cr LP -> cl MP(this one is good because far MP can come out against some focus backdashes) but immediately set stick to neutral and input LP+LK just before the second input.

So example: cr LP -> immediately neutral LP+LK -> immediately cl MP
The point is to make the two normals combo in the case that the opponent gets hit by cr LP, instead of trying to escape.

I’ve uploaded a video: