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Excuse double post, but I wanted to keep this post seperate

I can’t say this is exclusive to Guy, but here’s an option select to catch opponents’ wake up moves that don’t have throw invincibility, though this will be useless against raw backdashes and some focus backdashes.

Basically input a string against the opponent’s wakeup, such as cr LP -> cr LP or cr LP -> cl MP(this one is good because far MP can come out against some focus backdashes) but immediately set stick to neutral and input LP+LK just before the second input.

So example: cr LP -> immediately neutral LP+LK -> immediately cl MP
The point is to make the two normals combo in the case that the opponent gets hit by cr LP, instead of trying to escape.

I’ve uploaded a video:


You could just press select to load the state ya know :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I used it during practise but I thought the immediate load-ups would look confusing on footage.

Also, I forgot to test this on some other reversals and Ultras that I had in mind, so if anyone else has ideas please share.


Probably old news for most, but I’ve started keeping my eyes peeled for focus charges during the neutral game.

People habitually charge focus even from fairly long distances in an attempt to catch long pokes and approaches, but will back dash out if they see you sit still. EX Hozanto is a punisher to such focus abusers. I never really liked the EX version of hozanto much, but it’s one of the most practical solutions to this situation.


The thought came to me, playing Guy is like playing basketball. A Shot Block is equivalent to a Neutral Jump Attack, a Rebound is equivalent to an Air Grab, a Box Out is equivalent to keeping your opponent in the corner, Stealing the ball is equivalent to Far Standing Medium Punch. In basketball a good defender should always be at arms length to the offensive player, hence far standing Medium. Command Run is equivalent to Dribbling, Command Jump and Throw is equivalent to Dunking a basketball and so forth. Maybe this is why Guy where’s sneakers…


That’s an interesting thought. I myself am a practitioner of Kendo, and I find that footsies, or rather the entire ground game aspect is comparable to the elements in a Kendo match. Ashi-sabaki (footwork) and kamae (stance/positioning of sword) is of the utmost importance, as I’m sure it is in other martial arts. I think this is why I like to stay on the ground with Guy, it feels more familiar and comfortable.

On a separate note, what has everyone been up to in their games? Entered any tourneys? Interesting online experiences, been too busy to play?

Personally I’ve been struggling with combo execution, I find that after not playing for a while, I tend to press buttons too quickly, instead of crLK x2 -> farMP xx RSL, I get some silly shit like crLK x2 -> farLK. Slowing down is key in this game.


Ex HZO against focus is definitely effective as you say Silhouette. That’s been EX.HZO’s primary use for me since Super.

That being said, it still doesn’t reach Makoto, Chun and Seth who all have annoyingly fast and long back dashes. To be close enough to hit those three on a back dash is to be close enough to get counter hit by their poking special/reversal which will beat Ex.HZO.


yo - just found something crazy dumb

f.throw -> lp.HZO -> Ex.BushinFlip

The lp HZO is meant to whiff, just to time the ex.flip. You can 1f grab from this set up when your opponent doesn’t DWU. Because you’re using special moves normals to create the trap, you can afford t be a little flakey in your timing, as special inputs stay active for the next 10 frames after execution meaning you can be up t 10 frames too early with both the lp HZO and the Ex.Flip and the will still execute on the first free frame after the prior move.


I’ve been using this against Rolento since Ultra dropped, but I didn’t know this worked on Abel. Nice!


Hey Streak, I just saw your game against Shine in Paradise Lost

Solid play all throughout, I could see you intended for some pretty good OS and CH setups but were missed by execution errors, cant be helped. And you got unlucky in some spots, especially round 1

You have good tenacity, but I think that can also be a weakness. Step back every once in a while during your pressure, the opponent could very well be mashing dp, back throw or fast teching, Shine was pressing a lot of buttons, the DP at the end of round 1 could have decided either’s fate.

One thing Kiyo does, which I wish all Guys would do, is he throws a cr.LK, then briefly stands up to walk forward, then throws the second cr.LK

This frame gap adjustment and walk up throw feint, is so effective because people are used to seeing Guys throw the multiple cr.LK -> cr.LK frame trap.

I think you’re still one of the best Guy players around though, so keep up the awesome job, I love it when people try to win with Guy instead of going to character select screen.


Thanks for the kind words and advice. One of my biggest weaknesses is going into autopilot when I feel a tournament drags on for too long, so I’m even more likely to get hit by invincible moves since I’m not looking for them.

When I’m conscious and thinking, I’ve been using the “cr.LK and pause” or “cr.LK, walk, and pause” sequences more often:

The link might not work, so the time stamp is 16:38 (I’m playing against Zaferino).


Well played! This is definitely Streak playing with a good presence of mind, there’s definitely less auto-pilot this game. I liked your cr HK, they were actually timed well (such as after a far MK). Smart choice of EX run slide at the end. GG


Just to keep this as a separate post…

Another quick simple OS against wake up back dashes

cr LP -> cr LK + df HK (ninja sickle)

Opponents blocks or is hit -> blockstring or combo occurs
Opponent backdashes -> Ninja sickle hits twice for a juggle opportunity

Works on:
Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken, Oni, Sakura (doesn’t work on ERyu :frowning:
Abel, Adon, Bison, Cammy, Guile, DeeJay, Cody, Zangief, Honda

Some characters, such as Cammy and Guile, will fly out very far, so it’s recommended that you do this closer to the corner for a guaranteed followup to the sickle.


Oh thank god, I was waiting for this match to be uploaded.


A lot of us here are good at catching fast crouch techs (example: cr LK -> CH cr HP)

But good players like to mix in late techs, and unfortunately many Guy players can’t change up their offense to break this, so a lot of damage is denied.

So I would like to discuss what methods we have used to successfully catch late techers.

I’ve personally seen pretty good success with:
cr LK -> cr LP -> walk back (best case: opponent whiffs a cr light) -> walk forward throw
two crouch lights -> walk back -> throw max range far MP xx LP hozanto
two crouch lights -> walk forward as though to throw -> cl MK

The third one I seem to have more success by starting with two jabs. If I throw in a cr LK, it seems to push Guy back a bit more, and I get hit by a crouch light before I get to throw cl MK. Same thing happens a lot with TC xx Run-stop -> walk forward throw/trap


I’m not going to mention any specific names, but many of us Guy players cancel into Run-stop too much.

This is a terrible habit, when used often enough run-stop will become gaps in your offense, to the point where opponents can breathe a sigh of relief upon blocking TC (MP->HP). No matter what Guy cancels into from TC, he is always at a frame disadvantage (unless you cancel into HP Bushin flip to run away), so TC should also be used sparingly.

Guy does not have to cancel all his normals into run-stop. Close MP for example does not need to convert to target combo. Or a string such as cr LK, cr LP, far MP does not need to be canceled into Run-stop, you still are at a good offensive distance.

I did say TC is a good approach tool, but even after approaching, many Guy players have a very weak threat of throws. It’s either tick throws, or run-stop -> throw. Too predictable, mix it up more. Try throwing after a jump in or elbow drop, or after a close MK. Only with a strong throw game can Guy really make his frame traps shine.


Didn’t know this myself, but [cl MK -> cr MP -> TC xx special] works on the twins.

What’s more, you can cancel the TC into LP Hozanto and it will hit them. This doesn’t happen when you use the combo on Cammy or the others, so if in corner you can connect Ultra 1 without FADC, or just a regular tatsu / EX Hozanto followup. Works on Dudley too.


So down-toward hk~FA gives more kara distance than mp~mk and you only have to press toward once to get the dash, so you get a kara dash that is easier, quicker and has a bit longer range than mp~mk dash. So, for example, you can FA a fireball from further away and land the FA or dash in more quickly than with mp~mk.

Kara dash video for Ken (followed by kara throw), if you don’t know about this:


Noticed something when playing in the arcade yesterday. If you’re playing against a Chun Li who likes to use kikouken into hazanshu for free chip after certain knockdowns, you can EX runstop for a free punish. I was just using cr lk into bushin chain but I’m sure you could get more.

This got me thinking if there are any other meaty setups EX run could punish. Like perhaps with Sagat’s meaty fireball setups where they input f hk to kara cancel based on whether the fireball is blocked or not. Anyway, I don’t have a console out here in Japan so I can’t really test it but it’s something to think about.


I only just realized, Guy’s Ultra 2 actually MUTES the game’s music. Just go into training mode and pause the game, you can still the hear the music, but when you pause during Ultra 2, dead silence. Eerie.


This is a nice OS, also works on Ryu/Ken and even Dudley who has a fairly decent backdash, I assume it would actually probably work on quite a few characters and I’ll probably hit the lab tomorrow to find out since it’s a much better OS than just OS