Kick your sneakers off and relax~ Guy General Discussion Thread



Can you link far MP afterwards on those characters or does the cr HP reset? I cant remember.


Yeah you hit them grounded for a full combo with xx, I haven’t got around to testing it out on other characters yet though.

Also I’ve only really just started playing Guy this week but he feels like really straightforward kinda, not sure if straightforward is the right word but he seems very low on gimmicks and his mixups aren’t great although his frame trap/up close game is phenomenal. You basically have to play very honest with Guy especially if your opponent knows the matchup and isn’t letting you elbow in for free lol. In neutral to me I feel like I only have a few things I can do although his footsies are decent (aided by his walkspeed), it feels like im limited to, max range slide or walk up target combo, although these are all good options I feel like i’m maybe missing something else…

Idk I’ve been having fun playing him and maybe it’s just the way i’m playing but he seems almost overly simple to me compared to a lot of the cast, basically play kinda basic footsies until you can find an opening and then try your best to stay in and stay unpredictable with your frame traps and pressure, am I somewhere in the right ballpark?


Been playing a bit of Yun the utility of s.MP> Shoulder is making me wish that we’d pushed for a few start up frames to be cut off LP Hozantou when Ultra was being made. In retrospect, I would’ve much preferred that over that TC range buff.

Wasn’t Guy able to combo LP Hozantou off medium attacks in Alpha?


Yeah he could. Though at least he can still combo cl MP xx LP hhozantoin SF4. For everything else…well, Guy’s gotten old, not as quick and energetic as he was in the old days.


I’m sure at least some people know this, but if you do backward quarter circle, hp~kx2 or Ultra 2 with hp~pX3, it gives you a really significant boost in range. The other thing interesting about Guy is that the input windows is longer than for other characters. I suppose you could do down-forward-hk~ quick-FADC, kara Ultra 2, for a dash with lots of extra range costing only 2 frames for the two kara animations. Doesn’t work on non-EX specials, of course. Won’t work with U1 either, of course.


been trying to get back into this game and since i have only played like 200 games total since ultra release my auto-pilot cr.MP AA habit from AE2012 is really killing me :frowning: .

Most of u prob already know this but u can do 2x ex hozanto on balrog deejay sim poison rose and cammy in the corner without fadc.


anyway you could demonstrate this? ive never heard of it and i cant really understand what your inputs are supposed to be.


Just wondering. In most matches I have seen, players would end their corner combos with EX BS, instead of heavy BS. Why is this?


When you finish your combo with LP Hozanto or EX Hozanto against some characters, you absolutely need to use EX BSK. Otherwise, you’ll drop the combo. Also, EX BSK typically does slightly more damage than HK BSK does in combos.

Personally, I always use EX BSK because of its quicker startup when I’m worried that I’ll drop the combo (which is always).


Streak, do you happen to know exactly which characters you can’t juggle HK hurricane with after EX hozanto? I only know Ibuki is for sure.


Exactly this. The only other time this is done is a strategic choice. Sometimes the added damage/stun is highly advantageous, like wanting to insure you close out the round on that combo, get them in stun for a mixup/reset opportunity - I’ve gone for Ex BSK at times just because I want to make sure they are in chip range when they wake up before I block-string into a special.


I’m starting to like Far stLk as an AA, because I feel like it sets up bigger AA punishes. Because Far stLk only does 40 dmg, in theory, I feel as though my opponents may not mind to jump-in on me because of such little damage. I noticed when I land maybe 1 or 2 standing High Kicks, they don’t jump as much. So if I use a lighter attack maybe they will jump-in on me more in theory. And if they are jumping-in on me more, I can set up beefyer punishes because I can expect them to jump not in fear. I feel Far stHk is saying don’t jump as much, while Far stLk is saying jumping isn’t that bad subconsciously. Beefy punishes could consist of Izuna Drop, Ex Tatsu, (in the corner) Ninja Sickle - Ex Hozanto - Ex Tatsu = 300 dmg, raw Ultra 1 AA, Super Combo, etc. “Just a thought”.


For the purpose you mentioned IROC, what if the opponent is one already familiar with Guy and his heavy AAs?

Far LK itself is indeed a good AA though.


Thats a good question. I would say then the match will become a footsie based match. The point is to frustrate your opponent to the point of him wanting to jump at you with a solid ground game. I watch alot of high level game play and played thousands of online and offline matches. “Even the most seasoned veteran will jump at you if you fustrate him enough with a solid ground game”. Guy’s Far stMk is the perfect tool to condition your opponent. I know this works because if someone fustrate me enough, one of the first things I will do in despairation is jump at them to randomly achieve some damage. ‘Like throwing a hail mary’. So if I throw out 2 to 3 Far stMk’s my opponent probably want do much, but if I do 10, then he’s likely to do something in fustration or in despairation like jump, etc.


Yeah, far MK is like a fireball for Guy. And in that sense, you gotta be careful when throwing it out, a coincidental jump can punish whiffed far MK pretty badly.

I think EX hurricane is a good consistent AA. It’s like an opponent fighting Chun, after they get AA’d by EX bird, they jump more easily when Chun has no meter, but actually she and Guy have worthy meterless AAs.


That is so true about Guy whiffing Far stMk and Meterless Guy tempting opponents to jump at you more. The characters I’m cautious about jumping in on me are between Dive Kick characters and Grapplers. My game plan against these characters is just to zone them until I can get an opening.


I definitely saw this post a long while ago, but I forgot to respond. Sorry about that.

Unfortunately, no, I don’t know that information. When Ultra first came out, Kreymore told me that Guy couldn’t HK Bushin Senpukyaku after EX Hozanto against Elena, but after some testing in training mode, I learned that Guy definitely can.


Run Slide Safe Jump against Delayed Wake Up: (example combo), Target Combo ~ Run Slide, FADC Forward Dash Twice quickly, then Neutral Jump Attack against 4 frame reversals and for 3 frame reversals you can empty jump. Against grapplers you have to alter your timing a little bit with the dashes.


Optimal Punishes against Decapre: This set of punishes is focus against Psycho Sting. 1). Walk forward, stHk, BC, Ex Hozanto = 344. 2). Medium Hozanto ~ Super = 510. 3). Feirce Hozanto ~ Super = 540, against normal psycho sting only. 4). Raw Ultra 1 = 460 and Ultra 2 = 500. 5). Walk forward slightly, stHp ~ Low Tatsu [3-hits], Super = 524, preferably against Ex psycho sting in the corner.


Observations against Decapre: 1). Cross up Medium Kick Whiffs against a Crouching Decapre in the corner. But Jumping Hk can cross up if timed correctly. 2). Guy’s Run Slide can make Decapre’s Psycho Sting Whiff if timed correctly. 3). Decapre’s Psycho Stream can be Thrown after the screen animation. Also Ex Run Slide, Ex Neck Flip, Ex Bushin Flip, Red Focus, Wall Jump and Medium Tatsu are tools Guy can use to help avoid psycho stream mix-ups. If the spacing is correct you could use Medium or Feirce Hozanto and combo into Super or Ultra 1 after the screen animation. Feirce Bushin Flip appears to be pretty good as well.