Kick your sneakers off and relax~ Guy General Discussion Thread



Frame Trap Reversals: [crLp on block, crLk] or [crLp, crLp, crLk] or [crLp, crLp, crLp, crLk]. This works against Charge characters, possibly Grapplers, Boxers Turn Punch and Cody’s Zonk Knuckle. Close stMk on block, crLk works against the whole cast I believe as well. Some one trying to do a reversal should get caught by the Crouching Low Kick. Example: crLp, crLp (opponent reversal), crLk, TC ~ Run Slide and a mixup would be: crLp, crLp, Throw.


So who is everyone looking to play in SF V, now that Guy isnt coming out for a whole year :frowning:

I was kinda surprised they didn’t put anybody from Final Fight in.


Dhalsim actually looks interesting… But right now SFV doesn’t appeal to me that much because of all the info floating around out there. When SF4 first hit consoles I actually didn’t like the game that much at all. I thought it was rather boring. And it looks like history is repeating itself. I only found interest in SF4 only after Guy and Cody was announced, so it looks like I’ll be waiting a year or so :frowning:


Ken, Karin and Rashid are all characters with a bit of Guy in them, imo.

Ken has a decent run stop game from 3/4 screen away.

Karin has the mid range, block string and command dash shenanigans.

Rashid has the air mobility, along with a projectile that actually makes an air flippin, wall jumpin runaway style viable.

I had fun during the second phase of the beta playing Ken and learning Rashid.


Damn when did Guy’s popularity drop so much? He is at #18. Guess We"ll have to wait for Season 3 now :confused:


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