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I recently started it’s a very small operation (just myself on my days off) building fightsticks, enclosures and custom bartop machines out of wood. Anything custom you want send me a message either here or on the site and we can talk numbers. Use coupon code SRK for a 1 time 10% discount.

Third party PS4 padhack options

If you have photos already you should post them or at least a link to a image gallery.
It be like your portfolio.
Even if the images are just sticks or bar tops you made for your self.


Portfolio or samples pictures would be great


Sorry it’s difficult posting images while on mobile.
This is one I’ve got for sale right now with a ps360+pcb in it

This is the very first one that I built


You should really check out a site like slagcoin to get proper stick/button layout diagrams because in those pics you posted either the buttons look far on some and too close on others, stick seems pretty far too, and a start and back button under the stick might accidentally get pressed by your arm/wrist depending on the way the person holds it.


I use the top of the joystick so my wrist doesn’t hit them, but I moved the buttons in the later ones(either front or back)


The button

Are you using the same layout blueprint? The buttons placement looks quite off especially in the first one and they are not consistent in both sticks. The start/select positions on bottom left is kinda odd as well as one can easily hit those by mistake. How are the internal wirings done? A picture of that would be great too.