Kicked from Endless Battle

Does anyone else have this problem while playing Sim? I think I get kicked out of around 75% of the endless battles I’m in as soon as the host sees I’m playing Sim. Its pretty frustrating, makes it so I pretty much can only used ranked matches online. I guess this is another reason to play offline.

And yet for some reason I dont think they kick Fuertes as much…

I just create endless battles and invite people into them. I’m pretty much only interested in playing with people around or above my skill level unless someone specifically asks for match-up experience.

probably you’re playing against n00bs , thats why they kick you out, because they dont know how to deal with Sim’s zoning game

Heh, I’ve been booted a good number of times myself, and like 22 said above me, a lot of times it’s because you’re facing an inexperienced player. If I join an Endless Lobby, I instantly look at the Player Points (PP) of everybody in the room… if it’s all 302pp, 87pp, etc… I BOLT. Look for lobbies with people who have your level of PP or higher. Obviously PP is not truly indicative of one’s skill level, but it will give you a general idea. You won’t get booted nearly as often, I find. I rarely start playing an Endless Battle using Sim unless there’s a lot of players in there, or if I’m prepping for a tournament. I play a large number of characters, and Sim isn’t even my best, he’s just my favorite to win with (shouts to Ed for his quote in my sig, heh). If you also play other characters, try using them first and then switch over to Sim, you’ll prob be kicked out less :smiley:

haha just happened to me today. i guess there’s some unwritten rule about not playing defensive characters in endless. apparently you’re a turtling f@g if you do so.

Haters gonna hate.

I never play endless battle anymore, waste of time as you have to wait a while for fights and you get kicked a lot…I just play ranked matches as I dont care about winning or losing PP.

I just came back from a sabbatical and am very interested in playing highly skilled players to get back into the groove and really start preparing for Final Round. I play ranked only as a last resort with the goal of finding skilled players to add to my friends list. Otherwise, I’m just putting my feelers out for good players who will help me train.

Heh. I recently went from 1,000 PP to around 100 helping a friend boost their new trolling account. :slight_smile:

I’d never kick sim i love him with his yoga yoga yoga spam heehee. I hardly see him online :’(

Lots of people hate on sim players.
My friends have always hated it that I play as him.