Kicked out of EVERY Room!

I’m trying my very best to improve in this game, but it seems that when I join a room, after 1 or 2 matches, I get “The Host has removed you from the session”. Basically, they kick me out because I suck. And when I make a room, no one wants to join! And I’ve tried my local community and the Regional Matchmaking thing here at SRK, and that doesn’t work. I’ve also tried getting into the SRKlive room on XBL, and it won’t let me in at all!

So, how am I supposed to get better, when no one will help me to get better?

When people online are denying you the privilege to play and practice online there’s not much you can do.
You can find a practice partner, though!

its best to find a practice partner. Find someone online who doesnt have an attitude problem and is good and play them a lot

I can’t say for sure but I’d guess that you are falling into the common caveats…

You play mostly shotos? You love doing dragonpunches constantly? You do jump back fireball all the time? Your go to combo is jump fwd hk to crouch hk? You pull out ultra randomly as you stand when knocked down? You mash throw or jab everytime you are near an opponenet? Do jumping mashed 360 grabs with gief or hawk?

These are not simply things that someone who sucks will do… but someone who has completely the wrong idea about the game. Typically people wont stomach these sorts of things b/c not only are they bad ideas but they ruin any experience of fun or learning play. Basically people want to try their mixups… when you play like this you basically shut down a lot of cranial play and it becomes of matter of baiting and punishing you all day. This gets boring really fast.

If you think you might be falling into this boat try NEVER doing a dragonpunch or reversal type move unless your opp is in the air or you combo it… try jumping a LOT less (ground approach is better for a whole slew of reasons)… never mash throw… Only throw when you are tossing the opp out of a move or when you set it up… PRACTICE COMBOS… not just jump in attacks chained to fierce… ect…

When people see you abiding this sort of stuff they will know you are in to learn and get better… and even good players will get chances to practice their mixups on a THINKING opponent. This will cause em to let you stay… …basically I’m saying don’t be every other online scrub they’ve ever fought (and also booted from their rooms.)

Of course this might not describe you at all… but the only other reason I can think is that your connection is complete ass and they just don’t wanna fuck with it. Please don’t take offense b/c I know everyone has to start somewhere and much of what I listed above describes casual street fighter players to a T. Gotta rise above it though… …and honestly… it’s mostly mental. Don’t be afraid to lose and mash reversals, throws, jabs, or ultras b/c of it. Keep your head and play smart… and anyone will play with you.

The same thing happens to me whenever I’m fighting with my girlfriend!

The crazy part is that the solution to both of our problems is basically the same:

  • In my case, I should build up a list of good friends who live close by so that I can show up and sleep on their couches at a moment’s notice.

  • In your case, you should build up a friends list of nearby SRK members, on XBL or in real life, and then you can have lobbies or gatherings together.

Maybe it’s your connection? HOLD ON FOR ONE MORE DAY!..

It may be your connection, or they might not like you. Hit up your locals or fellow SRK members.

It’s either,

  1. You are ass

  2. You play Yun

  3. You have a two bar connection