~Kicking the Dust off your sneakers~ Shigonkidd Guy thread

Hey Guys,(See what i did there haha…uh… never mind) Its been awhile since i posted in this thread since I’ve been just flopping through alot of the tips and tricks around here trying to up my Bushinryu skills.

Henceforth the Guy improvement thread.
(No this isn’t a copy of the video thread :p)

Me and couple of buddies got a Capture HD streaming device so now i can upload my medicore Guy in the interwebs, Joy. I’m posting up some videos from online rank battles and trying to get some insight from the bushinryu community. I’m open to anything suggestions,so without further adue, here are some of my matches as TSB ShigonKidd.

(Note: Hiatus)

We already have a Guy tutorial thread, question thread, video and general discussion thread. We really don’t need another to clutter the thread, the other 4 fine.

The Video thread is also used for improvement or just to watch.

Maybe he can rename it, the ‘Shigon Kidd Thread’ or ‘Shigon Kidd take on Guy Thread’. But there are alot of threads thats up, thats already similar. I would also say, just stay dedicated to your improvement thread to avoid over clutter. And, good luck with everything. By the way, you must be PSN because I play Zeus every blue moon. That guys Vega is a beast. IMO that match is terrible for guy, but you stayed consistent with your pressure hence the win. We really need a Vega thread.

BloodDrunk- Yeah I see that, They looked like they haven’t been active in a while so i just made my own thread. I’m not trying to clutter anything just trying to get some assistance. :confused:

IROC-Thanks, I’m not going to spam it just probably going to edit the first post and replace the videos periodically. Yeah, I play on PSN, I ran into him in one of my friends room. Vega’s a bad match up for guy?? I thought that was easliy in guys favor, since he can’t relieve his pressure that easily and he can punish alot of vega’s stuff. Guy loses at mid range though. I usually abuse Meaties on Vega since he doesn’t have a true rising.

Your Guy is impressive! I often see ZeusTheGod lobby in Endless, but never joined it. I should pay a visit to his lobby every once in awhile. Can’t wait to see more of your Guy play.

Shigon Kidd I first thought that match up was even until I ran into Vega’s like Zeus. He seemed to backed off of you because of your pressure. I’m convinced that you have to push and keep Vega in the corner at all times, just like Sim, Blanka, etc. If you give him a full screen then hes going to be free to do whatever he wants. Vega has a sweet spot where he can choose to poke, kara grab, overhead, sweep or fake a move. You should try and practice Whiff Punishing Vega’s Claw using; crMp or stMp into Ex Hozanto. Almost the only thing you can do if he gets you in the perfect space or walk back some. But you played well overall, I would just work on some Whiff Punishing. And by the way, Zeus was at Evo this year and I believe he made top 32. If that’s true, then he did very well.

Thanks for the complement, all i do is practice practice, though i’m still not there yet. I posted up some more vids on the top so give them a look and see if my stuff can help your Guy. = w =

Just call me kidd or shigon whichever is fine. Hm… well if vega keeps Guy in the mid range of his killer pokes i think its 6-4 to vega’s favor. But if guy gets in and stays in,then it swaps to Guy’s favor. The trick is though(for me) as soon as you score a knockdown on vega he’s guessing. His options are Ex scarlet terror, quick backfilp, long backflip,and the buffer on the grab.My thing is Guy can shut all of that down immediately,if done precisely and well executed.
1.Using Meaties to knock out the Ex scarlet
2. Os moves that punish each backflip
3. Guy’s overhead
4. His cross-up
5. Light Bushin filp over (works better in the corner)

The thing (for me) to watch for is his U2. As long as you respect his pokes and ease your way into pressure range,Guy can take him i think.

This is just some stuff i think. I’m still rather inexperienced though.

Zeus is very impressive. No doubt about that at all.

Good batch of matches Shigon! You fought against some of the ones I personally enjoyed fighting with. I need to start interacting with more strong opponents, cause keep fighting the “not-so-well-rounded” players will get overrated. Although we both play Guy, I wouldn’t mind switching to my DeeJay just to get some matches with you.

Studing the match up for some weeks now, to me its all about the corner. Pressuring Vega in the corner and getting mix-ups through knock downs since he doesn’t have a true wake up (has no were to go). My theory is, less knock downs mid-screen and more knock downs in the corner. So mid-screen would look like; Bushin Chain into Ex Hozanto or Target Combo into Low Hozanto or end with Medium Tatsu. In the corner it would look like; more Target Combo into Run Slide or crMk or Forward Throw mix-ups. But thats just through my research or my opinion.

That sounds fine to me, I sure we can help eacth other improve.

I totally agree, a cornered vega is a dead vega. Well the more knockdowns the better on vega. I think if your in a comfortable position,the flow of the match will always swing your way especially with people without true wakeups.


I’m alive again. I’ma be posting new videos soon.

more posted material. first post