Kickstart Funding for Additional Skullgirls DLC


If this does not already exist, I sure would like for someone to make one. I would like to donate $20 to Reverge Labs. I like this game and I want it to succeed. How can I help?


Buy items from their online store. get some shirts and stuff.


in fact they have a limited edition shirt on sale now


mike z said that this is why there can never be any DLC

its towards the end




I suppose I’ll do that.


I honestly don’t have a cool black shirt.



Mike Z said a kickstarter couldn’t happen (assuming he and the team even wanted to do it) because of IP complainants and even than it could still fail. I personally don’t think a Kickstart would be a good look or would even cover it. Just buy merch and keep playing.


Kickstarter will not be possible.

First off, it won’t make the amount of money needed. There needs to be a pretty large initial investment PER character in order to pay the artists the hundreds, maybe thousands of man-hours required to come up with all the animation, moves and balancing.

There was mention in a stream that the people in charge of DLC are not being paid. I assume it’s because everything is going toward the patch right now, but I don’t know.

Even other sites like Indiegogo which do provide a large percentage if it fails can’t happen because the company itself has to do it.

So do what is best, and buy a damn shirt with that money.


Also Reverge Labs don’t own IP. I assume we also can buy extra copies on XBLA and present them to whoever will accept them to enlarge playerbase and give money to RL/AG. Well, I don’t have XBLA so obviousle it was strange to say ‘we’ but I’m planing to do it on Steam after PC release.


I was trying to buy my younger brother a copy of this game, but found out you can only hand people the money in person or over the mail. I was trying to buy his account a copy through my account.


Paypal or buy points code and send it to him, friendo




Once the game hits Steam I’ll buy it again and again and again just to gift it to people every now and then. It’d be shame to let all these cool ideas they have go to waste because they don’t have enough money. So, if you’re serious about helping them out, buy a shirt or 2 or 3 or even an extra one for me and wait till it’s on Steam and buy it for your friends too. I’m sure everyone here would like to see this game be a franchise, not just some wrongfully dismissed indie fighting game.


Damnit. I have $150 to blow on Skullgirls merchandise, spent over 3 hours customizing 6 shirts in the store, and then find out at the end that there’s no option to ship to Canada. -_-

Now, the big question for me is: How can someone without an American shipping address support Skullgirls?

EDIT: Thank god for the Save to Wishlist option. I guess I’ll sit on these until Canadian shipping becomes an option.


I can relate to this :frowning:


There is a way to ship to Canada through a service called Borderlinx, but I think it might be an additional charge. There should be instructions on how to set all of that up in the FAQ on the site.

Give it a shot. I think the shipping charge may come to nearly thirty bucks so you could just drop one of the shirts and still give Reverge a bunch of cash. Just a heads up. It’s one of the few ways you can still support the game and team after release.


yeah i really want some peacock goodies but its impossible for me since im not a US citizen. and that hallowen peacock tee must be mine.


Looks like valid option down the road when I’ve got more to work with, but it’s quoting me a $70+ charge. gulp


That is nuts…

I could understand a bulk $30 charge, but $70? ouch


no canadian shipping is lame. its not like its bloody far away or anything.

glad i didnt waste any time customising a shirt on there then.