Kickstarter project?


How much does this project stink?


Hey can I start a kick starter to be able to afford a prostitute? Im a virgin for WAYYY longer than I should have been. Thats how kickstarter works right? you just say “give me money for this thing” and people do right?


I would donate to getting a lot of you laid. Might make this site a tad more bearable.


Angel Palm you are truly a saint among men. I wish I had a friend IRL like you.


How much did it cost to lose your virginity?


Well, lucky for me your mother gives group discounts.


This thread is going places.


:rofl: your av relates to your post

Angelpalm are you going to Vegas, you might want to keep a low profile otherwise you’ll end up broke.


Idunno. According to the brothers I work with, abstinence in males gives us beast-like strength levels. Anyway, if you do decide to go buy some haunch, don’t believe that shit people tell you about undercover female police. They don’t have to tell you SHIT when you ask if they’re police, and they can still arrest you just the same. The police themselves are chuckling and scratching their heads, wondering where that bullshit info got started.


Good talk all. Anyways, useless crap on Kickstarter really gets me fired up. There are probably 50 people on this forum that could hand draw better arcade cab plans.


Does Tapatalk have a setting that can auto-like every post by angelpalm?