Kickstartered game: Shiness


Hey guys, looks like this indie game is going to have a versus combat mode:
It’s almost at 110k$ and at 120k$ you get the fighting mode

They have a preview on IGN:

I think it looks gorgeous!


A Kickstarter, huh? Okay. Sell me on this game.

Now that’s what I call a pitch!!!


I’ve checked on the Shiness Kickstarter before and I’m not entirely sure if I’d call it a ‘fighting game.’ It seemed to me they were going for an adventure RPG feel with real-time combat, so not sure if this is the right place for the thread. Nevertheless, I do think the game looks pretty nice in a lot of ways for an indie game in alpha and I’m glad they’ve at least met their initial funding goal.


Well I posted it here because the next stretch goal is a 1 vs 1 local fighting mode, with potential for online later on.


Agreed. After hearing about being able to summon multiple rocks, I still wasn’t quite convinced. But being able to summon different sizes is what got to me


why does this look like the 2p minigame from Xenogears


It’s only going to get shot down again because

Imagine this game in PvP “Hey hold up, I have to go look for some big rocks. BRB LOL”


I strongly dislike that this game doesn’t actually have you know a fighting mode and thus a reason to be in FGD. We’ll see how this Kickstarter ends up: it’ll influence my opinions on future Kickstarter ads appearing in FGD before, you know, the thing in question is actually a FG. :bluu:


The IGN comments are pretty funny tho:


They got to 120k, so there will be a fighting mode in the game in case anyone’s interested.


lol @ 150k for a 'New Game+" stretch goal.

You kickstarter kids need to go fuck off somewhere.


Sometimes the noted stretchgoal is a bonus for granting the game a bigger budget overall- That’s where most of the money will be going, for the overall game. This is a common kickstarter practice.