Kickstarters being held for CapoToys' new SF figures


I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this info, but since it is about merchandising, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share it here.

Because some of their business partners decided to split at the last minute, CapoToys is turning to crowd-funding to get their line of mixed-media SF figures out on the market.

Here are the five they showcased at Toy Fair this year.

Rocco Tartamella, the artist behind the sculpts, confirmed the following on Facebook.

  • The company wants to make figures for every character in the franchise, not just the original twelve. How far they get depends on the backing we give them.

  • The kickstarters will be used to get the first wave of figures done. If every figure in the first wave reaches their goal, they should be able to produce the rest of the waves on their own.

- There are currently nine waves planned, and five waves have already been approved by Capcom.

  • The first wave will include the five from Toy Fair: Ryu, Sagat, Chun-Li, Guile and Blanka.

  • Juri has been confirmed for one of the later waves in response to a few direct requests for her on Facebook.

  • The price for each figure will most likely be $35, judging by the corresponding pledge for the single Ryu figure listed as an incentive.

Here is the kickstarter for the Ryu.

EDIT: Just found out that Rocco already posted a link to this in FG Discussion, but considering the potential this line has, I say we keep this thread here so more people can see it.

Also, here’s the CapoToys Facebook page.


I hope they get around to making the Rose figure that we never get. I think there’s only one really bad one out there that’s more like a Barbie doll.

I think because of her heels, long hair and proportions people are scared that the figure won’t balance right. Can’t really argue against that. Lord knows I could never get my Bayonetta figure to not fall over.

Anyway sure I’ll “FUND IT!”


Rose isn’t one of my favorites, but she was always fun to play in Alpha 2. I may get her depending on the quality control of the sculpt and articulation.

Street Fighter 3 doesn’t get the merchandising it deserves, and neither does Final Fight, so I want to see those characters more than anyone else. Especially Alex and Rolento. I also want to see Birdie get a figure that can actually stand for once. SOTA’s was nice, but without a stand, you can’t pose it for crap.


Ha I had Sota’s Birdie sitting at the edge of my book shelf combing his hair and stuff. I could never get him to stand either.


Well it didn’t reach it’s funding goal, just got the Email. :frowning:


If there’s one thing this just confirmed, it’s this. The real fans are almost nonexistent here.


Second attempt!

They should use Indiegogo instead. There you can keep the money raised regardless if you reach your goal or not.


The incentives are way better this time. Except for the last three. Unless Rocco’s hinting at throwing in all the color variants, I don’t know why anyone would want multiple figures for the same character.