Kid Friendly Approach?


I remember an interview or something from Ono/Capcom discussing how they wanted to make this game more approachable to a younger audience, or gamers who are new to Street Fighting games. At first, myself (and a lot of the community) got angry/scared/irrational. But after reviewing what they’ve done with Bison’s redesign, I think they’re successfully pulling this off, without ruining the complexities of a fighting game as well.

I look at Bison, and see:

You have moves that OTG (something that newer players demand, especially since a huge complaint I hear from non street fighters is that you can’t kick em while they’re down, so to speak)
V-Trigger makes teleporting not require commands (you can just dash to avoid projectiles/attacks, or as an offensive tool, instead of F,D,DF+PPP)
Alpha style Counters to deal with lots of pressure
Lots of combo potential off of a larger variety of moves (RIP cLK x 3, Scissor Kick ???)

Each character seems to have some sort of parry/counter/setup move with their V Skill, instead of a generic Focus Attack (good bye focus fishing!!!), thus giving them a helpful tool that isn’t overpowered like Ultra’s were.

So, do you guys think Capcom is approaching this kid friendly game appropriately, without sacrificing too much high level gameplay? How will other characters be “Bisonized”, into newer style characters, that retain their older playstyles somewhat, with more user friendly skillset? Will shoto’s be different for once due to this?

Sorry if this post makes little sense lol, it does to me :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally always thought that Bison’s teleport dash was them trying out stuff they would have put in a new Darkstalkers game.

Adding lots of combo potential seems to be just to make the game more appealing to watch on stream though than simply making it “kid friendly”. I mean, MKX tried the same thing, except that they forgot to add good fundamentals to the game.



The only way this game could become “kid friendly” is if you had to enter and verify your birth date. If you’re under the age listed by the ESRB rating, you have to put in at least 300 hours into training mode and offline before being able to play online.