Kid hacks great-grandmother to death with samurai sword over video games


here we go again…

A Georgia teen accused of killing his great-grandmother with a Samurai sword appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday. Police say the boy stabbed his 77-year-old great-grandmother after he reportedly was told to stop playing a video game.

Authorities in Douglasville, Georgia, had to taser the boy in order to arrest him, after he shot at them with a pellet gun during a stand-off.

Sheriff Miller said the incident on Monday was the third time this year deputies were called about the teen being violent. He said: 'We’ve arrested him on two different occasions. Once in June where he had another sword, which is in evidence. This is not the same sword. He cut his grandmother on the foot with it that time.'Police arrested him again on July 29.


Shouldn’t buy 14 year old kids swords. Or you know, taken it away from him after the FIRST charge.



In the words of Col. Stinkmeaner… Some niggas just need to goto jail.


I couldn’t have said it better myself.


sigh… society…


fuck i just watched this last night and was cracking up.

now i’m sad :sad:


This pretty much. How long until they blame video games for this?


lol 14 years old, and they’re tasering him. I guess he learned how to take a taser from Call of Duty, too?
also, inb4 lol @ Georgia\

edit: he looks like RL Bobby Hill

dang ol vidya games


I hated having to be told stop playing when I was younger, good thing I didn’t have a samurai sword at the time I guess.


this is why nobody should be allowed to play video games


This is why white people need to start woopin their kids ass. We have been saying this shit for years, but none of yall every listen. Why don’t we see any black kids doing shit like this? WOOP YOUR GOT DAMN KIDS!!!


These docs should be investigated … kid clearly has some major issues. And why the hell does the kid still have access to weapons after the first sword incident?

Oh come on dude …


ur right black kids use guns


Man I hope he gets gangraped. grannie killing won’t make you come off as hard. Dude is going to be stomped daily, and raped.

Seriously fuck this kid, taking red steel way too seriously


Lots of unanswered questions in this case: why didn’t the great-grandmother simply block the sword attacks with her arms and look for an opportunity to do a reversal? Did she respawn after she died, or was she out of continues? Etc.


Lol. Sorry, grandma. Don’t fuck with him, keep your life.


Show me a black kid brave enough to pull a gun on his mother.


taser a 14 yr old kid because he had a pellet gun? some cops are the most gutless, cowardly, lazy ass bitches in the country.


Least they didn’t handle it Fullerton style.


delirium just did…-mother-after-she-takes-away-his-playstation/