Kidney Stones

Any survivors out there with tips? Doc says I’ve had a 2mm ready to go and it should be any day now. That was Wednesday. Can’t remember the drugs I’ve been prescribed all I remember is that I’ve got one for pain, one for breakthrough pain (the anti-inflammatory), another one for pain (non-narcotic), and one for nausea/vomiting. All of the meds have a terrible side effect, constipation :tdown:

Other than the “man up” advice, anything else?

lol not much advice to give you besides man up. I went through em earlier this year, and they fucking SUCK. I dont actually remember pissing it out at all, but I do remember the feeling of being stabbed in the side, and coughing or sneezing bringing me to tears.

OP what was/is your diet like? Do you think any factors considerably contributed to your stones? Give us some insight, so we may prevent accumulation of deposits!

man your dick gonna look like a blown up hotdog in the microwave when it comeout, you should get em to use dat lazer, i recommend getting high as fuck for a few days

I had two at the same time and pissed them both out without meds. Feels bad man.


That’s all I got. Sorry man

i thought the same thing, until I hit a bowl, coughed, and felt like somebody prison shanked me

sonic boom that shit

Diet consists of mostly wife’s cooking (korean/american) and we rarely eat out. I drink pretty much only water and juice and I don’t smoke/drink.
I’ve been trying to stay off the meds unless I REALLY need it. Pee is coming out in a weaker stream so I think the end is near. I’ve been peeing
into this strainer thing to catch it when it comes out since my primary physician needs to make sure of why I got one in the first place.

I might post a picture here if it’s gross enough.

I’ve heard that kidney stones is the equivalent of giving birth. Never had one and I hope I don’t get one anytime soon.

how do u even get them?

I have had two friends that have told me about their experience with kidney stones. I just hope I never have to go through that mess. :shake:

According to my friend… It’s like sucking a marble through a straw. The BIG marble. And it has staples sticking out of it. Staples with jagged edges. Jagged, rusty edges. Fun stuff. :tup:

How do you even get this shit ? I heard of it but never understand how it happens. Is it cuz of bad diet or something ?

Oh shit you gotta piss out on of them?

“Kidney stones form when there is a decrease in [COLOR=#0033cc]urine volume and/or an excess of stone-forming substances in the urine. The most common type of kidney stone contains calcium” “[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#0033cc]Dehydration from reduced fluid intake or strenuous exercise without adequate fluid replacement increases the risk of kidney stones."[/COLOR]
“Kidney stones can also result from [COLOR=#0033cc]infection in the urinary tract; these are known as struvite or infection stones.”[/COLOR]

They say that the number one cause is due to dehydration which sucks because I drink water all day, everyday. :T

Ive had two. Last time wasnt as bad but it did suck. My friend told me to get olive oil with lemon or lime juice. It supposedley breaks it down. I took it and it passed a lot faster. Dont bother with any aleve or painkillers they wont work. Just breathe slow and deep and youll get through it. as soon as you pass it youll feel like a million dollars.

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Ok now I see…Yeah it sucks you drink alot of water and still got the shit.

I can’t imagine that shit…you get to make like Tundro from The Herculoids, but at a horrible cost.

Dont they got meds that break that shit up now?

one of my friends who is going to college to be a nurse told me drinking room temperature coke can help

and this