Kidney Stones

apparently black man are the least likely to get this.

I just let out the largest sigh of relief

Thank god…I feel much better

Damnit, black men.

You fuck all the fine white bitches.
You guys are all the best Marvel 2 players
Now you don’t get Kidney Stones?
Next you are going to tell me you guys are all good at basket…



Well we’re far more prone to prostate cancer, pancreatitis, and sickle cell anemia if it makes you feel any better.

… oh and were’re also 7x more likely to go to jail than white males, although (as with many other things) the Mexicans are catching up quick.

going to jail is somewhat of a choice… or is it really that different out there in america?

Lets just say for a minor offense, if you’re white you might get something like community service, and if you’re black you get time in jail

Of course it depends what state you’re from. New York isn’t bad at all when it comes to these things, but if you live in the middle of the country then GG NO RE

(But you’re right, it’s usually a choice to commit anything that demands law enforcement)

Don’t worry about it bro, it’ll pass soon enough and the pain will be over. Just try not to think about it too much.

I drink loads more soda than water and I’ve never had stones(thank god).

lol yeah you n I both…This shit sounds like having a baby through your penis.