Kids meal toys


this is the thread to discuss about the cheap toys you get with fast food kid meals.

it doesn’t have to be BK or Mickey D’s kids meals, it can be anything else like wendys, taco bell, and kfc?

i remember ten years ago, i got this computer game from taco bell’s shitty kids meal. it was on a floppy, lol, and it was a game where a taco caught ingredients or something like that. i wish i could find it, it was so fucking bad.


When Burger king had dragonball z I went hammmmm on dem big kids meals


I still have a few of those old school food-formers. the fries turn into a weird pseudo-robot or something. And I had all the little Beast Wars transformers, the spider was the only one that wasn’t horrible as I recall.


Seems relevant.


Those Burger King Pokemon toys were ridiculous sellers. Too bad some mom gave the pokeball to her infant, which promptly suffocated itself.



Never Forget…


I remember as a child I would on occasion ask for a “kids meal”. Which was always followed by swift no.


Oh fuck yeah, I so had that Sonic.


i wish i had one :frowning:




I don’t know where it went actually.

Similarly, I have a Rush action figure (from Mega Man the animated series) and Rock’s charge shot, but no Mega Man. :frowning:

I lost it, I fucking loved that stupid thing. I even still have Rush’s jetpack still, I really wanted all the Robot Masters though.


I think I need the McD’s Karate Spongebob and I don’t even like Spongebob

Mario series around #3 had really good Happy Meal toys. Raccoon Spring suction cup Mario, remember I had that.

That box that’s his whole head is freakin scary


The old Batman movie toys were the best. It was kind of a weird tie-in though, considering that the movies were PG-13, Batman was a cold-blooded killer, and Catwoman looked like she waltzed right out of a fetishwear catalog.


Perfect to wake up to with Batman cereal!


I’m not sure did I get them at MC’s or what, but the old Matchbox and Hot Wheels mini cars are virtually undestructible. The chassis on those things is made of like adamantium, I distinctly remember that I could total every other miniature car I had with a hammer and rocks easily, but not those Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars, all it did was scratched the paint away and revaled the steel underneath it, like some sort of vehicle Terminator. Bad ass. I belive Hot Wheels made the Keaton Batman car as well with the same quality as the rest.


Oh lawd, I just got shot back 15 years into the past.

I wanted a suction cup Mario, but I got Luigi that you would slide back, then he would go forward.

Also, who could forget that Beanie Baby craze. Tons of people trying to collect these bean bag animals that didn’t do anything. It’s funny cause around the time I worked at McDonalds, When we had BBs, we would just open one box that had all the same ones and use it until it was empty.

Honorable mentions:

  • Darkwing Duck
  • Chip and Dale
  • Mighty Max
  • Jungle Book
  • Lion King
  • the ones with electronic games


I think the ones I remember most were the Food Transformers. I think this was Fosters Freeze, though. They had like fries, milkshake, etc., that would transform into a robot. I remember gettin’ those all the time…

EDIT: Nope, was McD’s.



Those Tiny Toons ones were my SHIT back in the day. The ones you could flip over and its a different character


Robocop, Terminator 2, and Alien 3 action figures were also odd, IMO. I distinctly remember those toy lines, and having seen all of the movies. T2 came out when I was 7 :lol:.

Dinosaur-themed foodformers were the coolest happy meal toys, also.


I got kids yo. We get them fuckin’ toys all the time.