KidZero and Luc's Avatar Request Thread [OPEN]


No need for multiple threads for requests, right? =P

** .::Order Form::.**

Use this and make it simple and easy to understand. If you do not use this order form, expect no request.

Text: (preferred name or text goes here)
Image: (paste image links only here) - ONLY ONE CHARACTER PER AV! No team av requests allowed
Any other specifics are up to KidZero, but even he has limited resources.


[1] Keep requests as short as possible. The longer the request, the harder and longer it will take him to make your av. Creativity is key. The best made avs are the simple requests. Ones that let KidZero be creative. Let’s be subtle and not go overboard with specifics. However, SIMPLE animation requests are allowed.

[2] Be detailed THE FIRST TIME. If you use the order form, there should be no problems here. I cannot say whether or not he will fix your avatar after he’s made one for you.

[3] If you requested an avatar from KidZero, you must wait 2 weeks before you are allowed to request for another one.

[4] You must provide images (NO PORNOGRAPHIC PICTURES).

[5] Please be patient. Some people have other activities to do. So let’s be courteous and wait patiently for results.

[6] Say thank you afterwards. He’s been nice enough to make such wondrous avs for us that he’s more than deserving of a thank you ^^

.::Some Of KidZero’s works::.

…Im new to the thread so I’ll make it as simple as possible…

My name is Pepsi Tony 1973

and I’m looking for something animated with the Pepsi Cola Theme and and evil looking guy w/ superlong dreadlocks I guess similar to the current av- you know something flashy I tried to aim you but you were off so let me know appr, it

Pepsi Tony

Post images please, & I’ll only do simple animations.

sorry to impose on the thread, but that wasn’t cool man.

KZ: keep up the awesome work. :tup:

It’s cool & thanks. :shy:

Sorry TFW2K3, you’re gonna have to sport Muffin’s av for @ least 2 weeks before you can request another one.

Noted, I’ll be sure to make mention of this in the rules =P

Kidzero’s avs are too epic =O

uhm…i was hoping you’d be able to take my request on a av. I’m not looking for much seeing as how you like to be creative i’ll leave everything up to you.
Text: X_x

I tried to post my pics but when I copy and paste in the white box below it won’t let me paste how do you do a paste or put pics in your post


Pick up for: X_x

Use the [ img]url_of_image[ /img] tags. (No spaces)
You can also click on the “Insert Image” button & paste the link there.


Who, what, when, where, & why? :confused:

Once again, good works KZ! =3

Wow…very nice. Thanks alot!

Edit: Oops. Nevermind. I should sport this one a lil while longer. Keep up the good work though. :cool:

I was wondering if you could do something little like this only the non-premium 160x64 size (not a tiny box like that one) and instead of a person super-speeding, have it be my user name “The11thHour”. It doesn’t have to be animated, actually, I would prefer it not be. Just something with a dark-type/spooky theme and my name super-speeding across the av.

If it’s not too much trouble.

:u: Muffin just made your current av yesterday.

Yeah, stop with the av whoring. That was the one thing I hated when I did avs over at TZ.

Still open for business KZ?

^yeah he is, request away