KidZero and Luc's Avatar Request Thread [OPEN]

AV Whoring? This is only the second time I’ve asked for one (technically), and it’s only because mine wasn’t exactly made how I asked for it to be made.

And just because I ask for another one doesn’t mean I’m going to use it right away. I know about the 2 week rule, so I was just going to keep it on my computer for another 13 days before I used it. I just wanted to ask for it before no one wanted to do it.

The way it goes is if u ask for an avatar u still have to wait 2 weeks even if ur not going to use it. Unless u make it yourself.

But anyways i wanted to ask for an avatar, can i get an avatar of this guy?

Works your magic with this

Could you make me one with this (non prem) ?

text, if any : Task

Pick Ups



Taskmaster, I’ll get yours done later on today.

"Ooops! Something went wrong…"
404 Not Found.

Alright man, thanks. Looking orward to it.

Requesting for a non-prem av

Text: Shini


this one then…please…a little challenging…is there any way to merge these two together? smokey black and red style with shadow ace 50 on it


sorry to bother you…

Damn with the quickness.

Rep for you my man

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Shadow Ace 50:


shiniduo, I’ll get yours tomorrow.

Awesome, thanks man.

Thanks dude, Looks badass:encore::pray::hitit:

Damn, did I really make your av? Shit it looks ugly! =/

win…thank you sir

Thanks man, I like that one!

:rofl: Yeah you did that one. If you feel that way, why not make me a better one in a few weeks? I actually like it though.

Could you do something with this preferably saying zoolander somewhere and with some kind of pulsing?

If not then could you do something with this I appreciate it.

KZ: you make me want to change my av. seriously. :lol:

:u: Sounds about right xDDD

Pick Ups



You’re welcome everybodies! :slight_smile:

I like it too.

Lol, whenever you want an av, gimme a shout buddy.

Thanks for the awesome av man…:pray:

What’s up guys!! Got a simple request… mvc2 style…

I’d REALLY REALLY like an MSS avatar… but since you specified no teams… then… Sentinel will have to do.

Text: “KHAOS”

Image: anything with an mvc2 Sentinel on it.