Kill Bill Av Modification Request

I was just wondering if anyone could add a bit of shine or a gleam at the edge of the sword that could move down the blade on my current av for me. Much appreciated to any who try.

Wow dude, that AV already owns.


Sorry about the graininess.

got inspired to work again?

I’m honored.

By the by, I love your av. I’m a big Sigur Ros fan as well.

shrug Not really.

Oh hell yes. :slight_smile:

OMG!!! EEK!!!

how ya been :smiley:

Yo, EEK!!!

How are you? :smiley:

Your avatar work is awesome!!! :cool: :smiley:

i dont like that god will be cut:o

Somehow your anger makes me happy.:slight_smile:

And hi guys (TMT and Ron).