Kill... Kill... Kill Them All! The New Decapre General Thread



Since the old thread started off as a speculation thread for the fifth new character I’ve decided to start a new one here.

Old thread:

@DaFeetLee‌ 's pre release Decapre guide.

Known alternate colors.

Frame data:

Tell me if anything else needs to be added here.


May as well put it in here, so i don’t have to edit that old post. I’ll get this updated and completed when the game comes out!




01: Midnight Blue (Original)
02: Red
03: Gold
04: Green
05: Black
06: Purple
07: Light Blue (Shadaloo Cammy)
08: Dark Brown
09: Orange Leotard/Brown thighs
??: Pink Leotard/ Black thighs

Alternate 1 (SFxT)

[details=Spoiler]01: Pink/Black (Original)
02: Brown/Black
03: Yellow/Black
04: Purple/Black
05: White
06: Orange/Black
07: Green/Black
08: Purple
09: White/Black
10: Blue/Green[/details]

Alternate 2 (Gladiator DLC)

[details=Spoiler]01: Blue (Original)


June 3rd… We in there. :nunchuck:


Oni main switching to Decapre. It’s funny because for months I kept saying how I want her playable since she’s a combination of 2 of my favorite SF characters (Vega/Cammy, although I can’t play Vega very well and I don’t enjoy playing Cammy.) Now that she’s here, it’s just funny how I’m not that excited. I’m only switching because of the nerfs to Oni.


^Why do I feel like this post is blatantly baiting me? :rofl:

Don’t worry, the hype will come once you get your hands on the character. Personally, I can’t wait for the ridiculous set ups that come out of this thread.

However, if I may offer some advice, you should stick with Oni a bit longer. Whether he’s on the side or not, play him anyway. You like the character, so stick it out. If you still feel like you wanna drop him, go right ahead. I felt the same way with Cammy going from Super to AE. I stuck with her though, and she ended up being near perfect for me in 2012.


Using Decapre for guaranteed hatemail and possibly hated in real life too.


The thought the Dhalsim and Dee jay boards were being fused together together.

@"Trouble Brewing"‌


My xbox gamertag is Decapre + using her day 1, I better see some hatemail.


You don’t have to use decapre for that. Just try harder


Decapre and Poison will be hatemail magnets in Ultra


Getting hatemail is a badge of honor. My goal when playing is to get my opponents to ragequit.


I’m not actually dropping him, I’m just going to use the two of them together, cover bad match ups. Also I’m dead serious, I love the character but sweet sassy molassy so lazy.


Gonna use a troll name like “Retardo-Decapre-O”.


Someones’s trying to hard. But then again, I don’t think anyone’s surprised.


Pretty sure Rolento is going to be the new character that gets all the hatemail. And Hugo just cause general noobs not knowing how to fight grapplers.


So, is there any detail of Decapre’s face without the mask? Vega takes his mask off all the time. Also pretty sure every move Decapre has is a charge move.


I’m excited for Decapre, she looks really good


Welcome to 3 months ago.


Any setups mentioned so far for U1 besides

knockdown -> U1 -> scramble



In the old thread, it was mentioned that Combofiend was landing it from rapid dagger in the corner.