KILL! The Urien SFV thread!

Got the go ahead from dev that we could start character threads for the dlc characters,

So now that we know urien is returning, how would you like him to play? I would like him to be more of a juggle centric character , if they can retain his aegis somehow I’d be in heaven.

I’ll update this thread with any news and vids regarding urien when they are made available.

He better have AA sphere into tackle juggles or go home. SFV is focusing on AA fireballs now over horizontal ones so he would fit in perfectly here.

Aegis needs to be good or at least set up high/lows in corner. No Aegis we riot.

Should aegis be a critical art or v trigger?

It should be Aegis. Mirror match 2 player Aegis should be blue, or we riot.

I love the prospect of doing aegis nailing a high low mix up into his critical art devil horns

Real talk though I haven’t even thought about whether Aegis should be V Trigger or Super. Maybe have V Trigger be one kind of Aegis, then super be another kind of Aegis and then if you have both, Walls of Aegis.

0_0 aegis is life…aegis is love!

Aegis for V-Trigger.

What should his Critical Art be? Chariot Tackles (Edit - Tyrant Slaughter) or Jupiter Thunder? I’d like to trap people between an Aegis and Jupiter Thunder.

That’s exactly what I was thinking! :slight_smile:

He better be able to juggle off of anti-air fireball. Just saw Deviljin say the same thing oops.

My theory is they will do a karin aND his v trigger will unlock his juggle potential, and maybe even his diaper look lol

Him the thread title is missing something, maybe “Crush! Kill! Destroy! The Urien SFV Thread”? I’ll let dev decide since I know he has to change it.

I’ve no idea what they plan for Urien or Gill, but I think we could look forward to some contrast that capcom would need to implement should both appear in the same game.

For me, Urien’s most recognized Special and Super Art are Chariot Tackle and Aegis Reflector respectively; these need to be the signature part of his game plan so V-Trigger should fuel his Reflector. For a memorable showing, he’ll need something new that seems boss worthy too.
-Normals: seem slow, but good dmg, solid hit-stun, and some meaty active frames; less start up on heavy and cmd normals
-Chariot Tackle: influenced by MvC3 Hulk’s Gamma Charge so HK/EX version has an optional followup Tackle.
-V.Skill: A ground pounding taunt that could stun/stagger foes in neutral cr/st positions without doing dmg; this offers frame advantage and reset options. This could seem too close to Necali though…
-V.Trigger: Aegis Reflector! If CA meter is full the V-guage can net longer or extra uses of this ability.
-CA: visually, any over the top cinematic of his other two super arts in SF3. Like… Tyrant Slaughter ending with the foe’s head slammed into the floor with force enough to make a spiral geyser as he IronMan walks out of it…

For a contrast, Gill’s Cyber Lariat and Resurrection seem right, but will need an alternative to fill in as a balanced V-Trigger.

[details=Spoiler]-Normals: seem fast, but just okay dmg and hit-stun without the elemental effects for buff; more start up on heavy and cmd normals too.
-Cyber Lariat: influenced by SF4 Oni’s demon slash so HK/EX version cross up while the EX has a Rugal esque follow up Lariat.
-V.Skill: hand raising taunts that draws energy to his hand; each energy has a different layered effect
1 Red or Blue charge adds an extra hit to his next Special and enables elemental SF3 boss effects to Heavy and Cmd Normals.
2 Red or Blue charge sends a weak pyro/cryo sphere skyward to later crash back down toward the opponent. (mini meteor strike/e.Ryu hadouken)
1 yellow charge builds a small amount of recoverable white health while also acting as focus armor.
2 yellow charge speeds the recovery of white health when not acting as focus armor.
-V.Trigger: Shining Divinity! A no-dmg “get off me” move that pushes enemy away and temporarily charges his specials; effectively a “combo breaker” that buffs; can be done even while in hit stun.
-CA: visually, raises a hand sending multiple pyro/cryo spheres skyward[/details]

Inclusion of this level of juggle damage is not negotiable.

Can’t wait to finish players and characters that keep jumping and hovering in the air (Dictator, Dhalsim, Claw) quickly instead of the slow as molasses pace of AA them with normals like 10 times:

I love you guys, this is going to be fun!

Yeah how they will implement Aegis is the million dollar question. Just making V-Trigger looks like a bad idea because if it is even close as good as 3S Aegis is going to make Rashid VT look like a joke in comparison and if they do it in consideration to him… well it’s going to be utter crap.

One idea for me is making his V-Trigger a powered up mode during which EX Metallic Sphere becomes Aegis Reflector in its full glory. Although it would make the VT itself feel like a do-nothing move, the mere cancelling may be worth it. I could imagine it being used to recreate the play as cr HP, juggle Chariot Tackle, VTC, Aegis Reflector, juggle chariot tackle and that’s probably it because there’s not unblockables this time.


VT Aegis, naked, and charge character. This is all I really want.

He should fight with the suit, then with his V-trigger he flexes out of it.

His V-gauge should only be 1 bar, though. For maximum lewdness.

Out of all the upcoming characters, I’m most looking forward to Urien. It’s been too long.

I’m hoping Aegis is a V-Trigger. I have a feeling Urien’s Critical Arts will be something new altogether. If not, Tyrant Slaughter would be the most likely choice.

I’ve always wanted him to have that move he does in his win pose where he smashes the ground and flames come up around him. That used to look so cool, his taunt should be like sf3 too :slight_smile: