KILL! The Urien SFV thread!



what do you guys do when your opponent doesn’t press buttons after throws. It’s very obvious fishing for the crush counter on wakeup. You’re too far to meaty throw and he doesn’t really have any good buttons to get in for a tick throw since he’s negative after most normals

#1262 hits meaty after throw, you can set go for the overhead follow-up if you think he’s gonna press buttons or go for a low/throw mix-up if not.


Playing him for the week, seeing if I like him. For some reason does slightly remind me of Cody, think it’s the walkspeed.

I’m by-eyeing his frame data through training mode and just noticing how he has a tough time getting any pressure from buttons outside of St.lp and, everything else trades or loses to 3f and 4f normals. is like -2 or something and has gotta be 0 or +1, so it feels tough getting any traps going.


I think most of us are still figuring him out, what he does how he does it etc etc

Fmp target combo is worth more than it looks on the outside. It can’t be poked so the opponent has to commit to either a high block or a reversal to stop the target. But they still get hit by the target a lot. This leads to a Fmp then:

Finish target combo
Do a low

This isn’t stellar but it’s a good mixup that has decent range.

Urien has some nice strengths, but he also has some decent weaknesses. His weaknesses as I see them:

No 3 frame
No crossup
All his range buttons are kinda easy to CH because the hurtboxes appears 1-2 frames before the active frames
AA game is wonky and needs 3 AA’s to effectively deal with any range of jumpin, 2 of which are slow and hard to use.
Doesn’t have any real ranged BnB style stuff outside safe tackles, but those are hard to setup.
Hard to achieve point blank to utilise his tick throw game/frame trap game.
The bnbs he does have, outside of v trigger cancels generally need him to be point blank
No light to medium, medium to medium or medium to heavy links, though he does have some medium to light links from point blank.
Regular fireball is badly negative on block, and one of the worst fireballs frame data wise it has even worse recovery than kens. Though it is faster and can be aimed upwards to make up for it.
His reversal is slow and lots of characters can do a free cr.lp against his reversal and recover before the reversal hits, like when he’s waking up.

His strengths so far are:

Big fast dash good for turning the long range into mid range, not so good for dashing into point blank though.
V trigger is highly damaging having 2 stocks of it. And he gets access to long range confirms with it, some of the longest in the game as well as decent mixup on block and hit.
Long range normals
Very good punish damage and once in awhile random CC confirms from st.hp
Jump HK and HP are very easy to confirm into cr.hp on hit.
Very good ex moves so far with ex tackle being good damage and a great safe wiff punish/forward movement check, and ex knee being a near full screen get in tool and plus on block.
Spaced tackles are very good if you can do them consistently.
3 different overheads that have good range to keep the opponent guessing
Can combo into super off his throw if he has v trigger out.
Fmp and move him forward which helps with the frame traps
Though his AA is wonky, it can be highly damaging with cr.hp AA conversions into super.


I’m not seeing too much of an issue with his up close normals. Tackle, headbutt and knees aren’t punishable if distanced properly and can keep a good pressure going. Against characters without 4 frame jabs you can usually get a cr. lp counterhit after a properly spaced tackle and reset the rushdown. It’s a lot tougher against 3 framers though, specially cammy…she’s a nightmare.

EX headbutt after a blocked knee is a pretty decent yolo move too. You’ll get punished for it if they block but you won’t get CC’d, which is IMO way better than missing a yolo DP.

His AA bugs me though. At near crossup range you can only rely on HK and c. HP but they’re just so risky. HK is better than HP but I can’t be the only one who has gone from beating a jump-in clean to trading and then getting punished for some extremely minor timing differences. Aside from baiting a jump with fireball and AA’ing with f. mp he doesn’t have any good reactionary AA.


Yeah, his AA is the most glaring thing, along with no 3 framer.

His ex headbutt is CC though. I do,it in the mirror all the time and my friend does it to me in the Ryu matchup. It is definitely a CC punish and an easy one at that.


As of late i’ve found myself comboing into hp headbutt, this (as ending in any special knockdown move) invites your opponent to back recover allowing you to immediately mp headbutt whiff again to end on the other side as they recover or delay slightly to stay on the same side. I feel its very ambiguous and leads to at least a cr jab stjab st mp tackle as they will most likely be crouching and wont be susceptible to another cr lk cr jab hp headbutt was wondering if anyone else did this and if they had any other buttons they pressed as their opponent recovered?

also after a grab i find myself doing a meaty mp hb as it works like hakan’s sfiv grab where it would whiff on crouchers but recovering off the ground would force stand for a split second. Headbutts do leave you -2 but so does f mp and that doesnt stop us from going low or throwing our opponent who is scared either due to unfamiliarity with urien or ex headbutt following our unsafe option


I could of sworn it wasn’t, I just tried it out o.o
I guess nobody had CC’d me off of it, my bad.

Does anyone have a link to that video with setups for perfect tackle spacing? There was one floating around a couple of weeks ago but I can’t find the damn thing :frowning:


it looks like if you perform the meaty mp hb right after the throw you can get it +1 on block - and on hit +4, so you can get followup damage w/ a cr.lp into stuff


Test ya stuff boys:

The meaty headbutt only works from backthrow or against a cornered opponent or from backthrow and IT MISSES IF THE OPPONENT MASHES CR.LP.

The meaty only works because the headbutt is catching some of the visual standing wakeup frames. However doing any crouch attack will cancel that visual animation.

This is something that has been in lots of streetfighters, most notably cammy meaty hooligan that normally won’t grab crouching opponents, but will if done meaty, but will miss if the opponent jabs out.

This DOES give urien a mixup between meaty M headbutt or meaty St.hp though. So it’s definitely something to take knowledge of. Also, I prefer keeping people midscreen with urien so learning this backthrow tech is good stuff.

Good find guys.

-edit… Can’t currently get a plus version of meaty M headbutt against Ryu (his always beats my cr.lp) so I may have spoken to soon about this being good.


i dunno what you are talking about w/ the backthrow or cornered opponent
getting the link seems really inconsistent. might just be that i’m bad tho
it does lose to crouching buttons so it seems like it’s pretty gimmicky


Put it on “guard all” you know, that thing your opponent will be doing in game… Not on “no guard”

I just tested to see what you are on about and yep, you’ve got it on no guard which is pretty useless, but does allow the meaty to hit the first frame standing opponent.

Your tech still works on cornered or backthrow though.


I’m back just to say that the Nash matchup is fucking impossible, you just can’t punish his stuff properly and getting a CC is one hell of a task :frowning:

How does people manage to beat his ass? Seems impossible x.x specially with his,how come it has more range than Urien who is supousedly taller than hi, plus can’t react to his dash or tech his throws, it’s ridiculous. What about his throw range? Seems insane.

OMG i’m dead x.x sorry for the rant but well, i hope Urien gets sth to deal better against specially that character, looks like Vergil, i’m serious


I do a lot of meaty and check for what they are doing afterwards. Block high -, cr.lp, hp headbutt. Block low - might go for an overhead to test their reactions. You can also go for target combo into fireball or just throw them. It’s a nice little mind game. If they waste V-Reversal on it then you might have more chance of doing something good with Aegis too. I watched a lot of that Japanese players Urien on that clickbait Youtube page and this is pretty much what he bases his offence around.


What’s the trick to get hp hold cancelled into headbut for the loop? I cant get it for the life of me. I can do it with the other standing normals though


Press and hold HP and immediately down charge and press up+HP after it hits instead of as it hits.


Thanks a lot mate


I think Ken might be an issue for Urien. He’s Awkward to anti air and his risk/reward for jumping is high. Also, seeing as Urien is kinda weak on wakeup, Ken can take chances getting in and then steam roller him.

So far the matches I’ve had issue with are Ken, Guile, Fang and Nash. I’ve done surprisingly well against Mika which is kinda odd. Haven’t played enough Chuns with Urien yet either.


I’ve had success vs. Ken just keeping him out with the low forward and standing forward, he can’t really do anything about that. It does get awkward when he has meter though because the jump game becomes both awkward anti-airing and you have to decide between regular air tatsu and EX tatsu. Air tatsus hitbox being as wonky as it is gives him a near free get-in.


Any good frame traps to use with Urien ? It seems a bit hard to open the opponent’s guard by rushing him down. Is Urien mostly about zoning ?