KILL! The Urien SFV thread!



I’m currently working on frame traps for him. He is a zoner though. But not just a zoner.

Keep them away enough to make them approach you. Then my current biggest ways to get damage are:

1.Pressure into making the opponent reversal and I CC it on block
2.A very weak (but often available), frame trap. For whatever reason people like to eat the
3. Random jumpin connects
4. Random ex tackle as a wiff punish or to hit them while they are walking forward
5. wiff buffer v trigger cancel
6. Fmp mixups
7. Blocked jumpin then land and do headbutt to hit the throw tech

Currently I don’t have any good confirmable frame traps that lead to knockdown or big damage.

I need to get more frame traps and start to learn where to use charged, charged st.hp and fhp


Stmp stlk sthp and stMP crMP are my go to

Otherwise fMP throw low overhead guessing game


Thanks for the tips guys !

Also, i didn’t realize that stand MP had such block advantage (+3).


Watched few windalfr games and he was making great use of CH cr.lp,, xx tackle. Used it on okizeme wakeup a lot as well as after jumpins on cornered opponents iirc.


Does anyone have a pic of Urien’s CPT color?


He’s got sick frame traps.

On block, these are the best buttons IMO:
st mp +3
st lk +2
st lp +2

What I do, off of any knockdown, is dash hold back and press mp. The reason for holding backwards is to confirm it into a tackle later on.

If they press anything, they eat CH mp, mp, hk tackle. Knockdown, dash up and do it again.

If they tend to block the first hit and press a button, they eat the second mp on CH, which you can confirm into cr mp tackle.

Once they start to block more, you can mix up dash mp into grab, or lk into grab, or just grab, or cr jab into walk back shimmy cr hp, etc

Lots of options, but it all begins with the meaty b+mp.


what’s your setup for getting meaty


The easiest one is off hk tackle.

So anytime you do:

  • st lp mp, hk tackle
  • cr hp, hp fireball, hk tackle
  • CH cr lp, cr mp, hk tackle
  • CH cr lk, cr mp, hk tackle
  • mp, hk tackle

You just dash, pause a tiny bit, b+mp (to get the charge started for the confirm). It’s really easy to time once you get the hang of it, just put a 3-framer on wakeup jab, normal recovery, and practice til you time it right.

You can also use it when you grab in the corner, you just have to eyeball it to see when the opponent gets up.

I have other knockdowns like HP headbutt, or ex tackle, but I use other meaties for those that are more reliable.


I finally found my character to harass people at mid-range with st/cr.MK and b/cr.HK. Beautiful.


So who do you guys think Urien actually beats?



Tackle just absolutely slaughters him (especially EX). Marn joked that you can beat Sim with just tackle and fireball on commentary the other night :s


So I ran into a Zangief in casual match today and had trouble setting up my pokes because of his armor. Is there a way to fight him other than “Be really good with your projectiles?”

Also, what are the most efficient uses for Urien’s VT? I know it becomes ridiculous when set up, but idk what the set ups are.


Vs Gief armor, you have to do a little detective work and analyze when he does it. Once he absorbs enough, you should know by then, and you can dash throw. It’ll decimate him.


A little while back I saw a listing of the best and worst frames after moves like tackle. Can someone point me to this list or know where this information can be found? I am looking for best and worst frame advantage/disadvantage from tackle, headbutt, and knee drops. I just checked the usual threads on the forum but must have missed it if it is here.


For midscreen:

Any time you confirm into a VT combo, whether via hit confirms, pokes (st.MK, cr.MK), EX tackle, overhead TC, or a raw jump-in, optimize it this way:

st.HP > LP headbutt (Aegis breaks) > cr.HP xx half-charged EX fireball (LP+MP, cancel 1st hit) > 2nd Aegis > f.MP xx whatever you want.

The f.MP reset in this situation leads into a left/right mixup that will leave your opponent stunned or close to stun afterwards—and this is assuming off a raw st.MK or cr.MK poke. Cross over with either LK tackle, MP headbutt, or dash forward (opponent has to be high enough in the air when you reset them). You can also stay on the same side with LP headbutt, or for even more ambiguity, time your f.MP reset then cancel into MP headbutt such that it looks like you’re about to cross over, but you stay on the same side. Either way, for same side, go right into charged st.HK, so that they have to guess or react correctly AND be blocking high to not get opened up.

Urien players will typically go into the cr.HP xx HP fireball > HK tackle BNB at the end of their Aegis combo string. Many times, their 2nd Aegis will get wasted since they let up in their offense after the HK tackle ender. Don’t do this if you have at least 1 bar of EX meter to spare. Do this left/right setup instead for optimization and don’t waste 2nd Aegis by resetting into neutral. If you get a forward throw into stun, do the headbutt loop. Most likely dead character after the end of the entire sequence.


i often cancel on v trigger after a throw, and sometimes i get a CC and then the juggle starts. So how can i maximize the damage on these juggles?


b.HK VTC far aegis > neutral jump j.MP > f.MP xx LP headbutt (fake crossup):
b.HK VTC far aegis > neutral jump j.MP > f.MP xx MP headbutt (crossup):

Sorry for the bad quality, I just recorded my potato laptop’s screen using my phone camera lol. Anyways, the combos after the mixup could be better, but you get the idea.


To find out how much a move’s advantage can vary on hit or block, just take (hit/block advantage) + (active frames) - 1

For instance LK Tackle has 6 active frames, is +0 on hit, and is -5 on block. But if it connects on the 6th active frame instead of the first, your opponent enters hitstun/blockstun 5 frames later than usual, so it will be +5 on hit and +0 on block.

Here’s Urien frame data if you need it:,0,0,0,/1,0,0,0,/1,0,0,0,/1,0,0,0,/1,0,0,0,/1,0,0,0,/1,0,0,0,/


Not sure how much I like that whiff ex knee into elbow to beat 3 frame normals video that’s going around. Yea it’s a good thing to add to the repertoire but it’s a bit expensive for the hope that they are going to wakeup with a button. That and the fact it’s pretty easy to react to.


Is there some charge secret to Headbutt I don’t know about? You guys keep talking about canceling st.HP and following f.MP with it. Is there some kind of charge partition like Chun and FANG have?