KILL! The Urien SFV thread!



It’s awkward to explain but it’s made easiest from charging down forward. Once you’ve got it you won’t forget it. Charge down forward, forward plus medium punch, up forward + punch for whatever headbutt you want.


One frame trap I like to use is > Cr. Mp which you can confirm into xx lk tackle which will hit on later active frames leaving you at least at +1 but I think it’s +2 (It might depend on character too). It should be noted that on a lot of characters the will whiff on block but still confirm on hit. Also, if you get a counter hit to start with the > xx lk tackle will combo still. You can do ex tackle instead on the confirms but I like to use the meterless plus frames and confirm cr.lp > st.lp into ex tackle afterwards because a lot of people like to push buttons afterwards thinking it’s neutral and get counter hit for it.


Incredible tip!

I’ve been charging down back this entire time to do it. This will make it so much easier!


Same here, i kept throwing fireballs instead of f+MP !


full charged stHP gains the bonus of being special cancelable
f. MP xx Headbutt takes practice but it’s odd to explain, honestly I can’t explain it better than Wikum.


I don’t see the point of charging forward for f.MP>headbutt. It might be adequate for combos/resets but I think f.MP whiff buffered into headbutt is useful enough that it’s worth learning how to do it from back charge. Even in a reset situation back charging adds the option of canceling f.MP into tackle which may be useful for side switch shenanigans.

The execution is pretty forgiving too, since f.MP has 4 active frames and the input buffer for charge moves is already huge in this game. Just downback > forward+MP > upforward+P. If you’re having difficulties try slowing and making sure your inputs are clean, since you really don’t need to rush it.


It’s very easy to do from neutral, but from wierd positions like in resets it becomes much harder, so a nice shortcut is very beneficial. If I want to do tackle i can just think ahead a bit and set my hands up for it.


I was doing it that way too at first but then I realised I didn’t need to because I wasn’t playing Alex lol (Alex has to charge down back to do into stomp to avoid getting his overhead).

The fact you can charge either down back or down forward is really good for pad users who have a stronger side (for example my charging accuracy is much better on the left side of my pad than the right side). You can just charge the way you prefer the most regardless if Urien is facing left or right, then go to forward plus medium punch. Makes the headbutt loop a lot easier for me.


I heard Chris g used urien at Canada cup, anyone got footage of it??


starts at 16:10


Is the prima guide info correct now?


The frame data is supposedly correct, but they didn’t update the written strategies to reflect the changes they made to the frame data, so yes and no.

It’s safe to use it for frame data but if you want to make use of any of the strategies then you need to check to make sure they actually work. Like iirc in one of the strategies section they mention how great a poke his Fmp is because it’s either plus on block or zero… Can’t remember, but it’s actually -2 on block… They didn’t change strategies to reflect said changes.


Some theory fighter here:

So because boredom and because just whatever in general… I’m going to just come out and say it:

I don’t think urien is an offensive/attacking character. Here’s why:

Urien has very few /no moves that allow him to get in close into throw range on block… That are actually good (he can jump or dash in or use ex knee and that’s pretty much it. Ex knee is slow as an example, his jump arc can’t be changed as another example, and his ability to control the area directly in front of him via safe pokes and priority to setup for his dash into point blank range isnt the greatest either)
Urien doesn’t have very many ways to advance with frame advantage (a staple of offensive characters in general) he does get thrown a bone with ex knee… But that requires meter… Just to move forward and is still exceptionally slow, he also has his tackles of course but those require a charge so that means that urien either has to sit there doing nothing much for a bit, or he has to hide his charge in a dash or a jump.

Whereas on the defensive side of things he seems much better:

Has a fireball
Has long range pokes to keep people out or at least wary of approaching him on the ground
Has good anti dash/forward walk moves like ex tackle which is like 7 frame startup at near 3/4 screen range at the end of its actives (use this basically like how Nash uses mk scythe to hit people that try to chase him down)
Is much more able to use his v skill at a distance than upclose
V skill specials make for great AA moves, which is one of uriens weaknesses. Seriously a v skilled defensive urien is a pain as Chris g showed at Canada cup
Uriens v trigger while hailed for its offensive capabilities, is actually a defensive move in concept (it reflects fireballs) and it also allows urien to control huge defensive parts of the screen for long lengths of time allowing urien free v skills or fireballs to make meter
Uriens dash becomes stronger when used surprisingly against opponents that are trying to get in on him.
Uriens best overall non metered AA is his ranged fmp which is best used when his opponents are trying to get in on him from a good distance away
Urien requires meter for most of his best offensive moves, but doesn’t for his defense (save for ex reversal, kappa)
Fmp mixups which though strong, are much better when urien has v trigger and v trigger is easier to get for a defensive urien.
The only motion special urien has is his fireball, which is a defensive special. When we combines that with his charge specials that have to be considered rather defensive as well because he has to charge them, we realize that urien doesn’t have ANY super offensive specials… Yet take that same thinking to v skilled ex tackle and urien DOES have a stupid good defensive special (that compliments his fireball game to boot)

So that’s just some of what I’m on about right now. I feel as if maybe though I’ve been having good success with urien, maybe I’ve been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole this whole time.

Maybe I could have been doing even better if I just were to play a slightly more defensive urien.


@Dime_x Urien is super fluid. He can without much effort go from a pretty strong space control game to “Will it blend?” simply from dashing or making you block a fMP. I think once you establish you can space and keep them out at the tip of stMK range and they hesitate, you got them.


That v skill anti air is something i have absolutely never thought of, very interesting theory, gonna test a defensive urien tomorrow


The v skill AA thing is nice from just testing it. My opponents started to try to rush me down so I couldn’t get it out so that pretty much says how effective it is.

HOWEVER, against giefs splashes I got it stuffed multiple times cause I guess the splash is super meaty and uriens armore doesn’t startup till the 3rd or 4th frame so it can get stuffed by super active jumpins that can be timed early.

That same gief also did jumpin air spd to make it wiff. So I lost ex meter for nothing… Just food for thought.


Urien feels like a character that has to constantly maintain control of the match. His overall move list has some potential, but speed is not his strong suit. Because of this, he lacks clutch defense outside of V-Reversal and EX Headbutt. His grounded MK/HK normals are extremely good, and probably give him a top 5 normal-footsies game alongside Chun-Li, Karin, and Cammy. He lacks a fast AA, but if he can get out st.HK he gets a pretty reliable hitbox. Combos from the second hit of cr.HP are much more damaging and can lead to all kinds of shenanigans, but the issue is getting the right positioning to do them. What Urien does not have is a 3f jab, and he needs to be kind of close for his target combo to work, which prevents him from scoring knockdowns from a jab without meter. Thankfully, Urien starts the match at a pretty good position to initiate his game plan, so the impetus is on the Urien player to win the opening scramble and get an advantage.

His V-Trigger complements this style. Being able to toss out Aegis Reflectors off pokes is huge. On hit, you get a combo. On block, you get a pretty secure mix-up that can convert both overheads and lows into a cr.HP combo. Urien’s V-Skill is honestly not very good because it seems to have slightly more recovery than it ought to and is easy to punish. Most of your VT will come from blocking (which you should do, as his reversal options cost resources that you can use to utterly dominate on offense) and crush counters, of which Urien has 2 fairly solid ones and a long-range sweep to tag people at max range.

Compared to 3S Urien, I think SFV Urien is more defensive than before. The changes to Aegis Reflector make his range much scarier, and the lack of parry (mostly) from his opponents lets his long range normals effectively control space now. The unblockables are gone, but Urien still has some great resets into big damage. He only becomes top tier once a round, so hit confirming and risk/reward calculations need to be on point.


His v skill is one of the better ones in the game IMO. Forces people to come to you or gives you a ridiculously strong armored approach tool against keepaway players. If you hit an armored ex tackle you make a ton of v skill.

In many/most matchups you won’t be able to get out v skill, but it’s power is still showing by the proximity that opponents play against you. People can’t play fullscreen against urien or else he gets v skill. They have to play midrange and that’s the range that he’s good at.

Everything else above though I agree with.


So what is Urien supposed to do about Alex?


I haven’t played against an Alex. What are the problems for you?