KILL! The Urien SFV thread!



Mostly trying to fight him in netural, his, f.hp, and block strings are a pain to get around .


V Reversal his f+HP if he makes you block it at a close range. Not worth dealing with the pressure afterwards unless you wanna yolo EX headbutt after. Plus the knockdown gives you space for pressure or can go back to zoning and poking.

If he’s going HAM with c.MP, go in with s.HP. Eventually you’ll land a crush counter or priority win vs it any way. Doesn’t lead to anything unless he has VTC ready so odds are in your favor. Urien does well vs characters that focus on throwing out buttons in neutral. Characters like Chun and Karin can’t perform their normal gameplan on you without taking lots of crush counters.

Don’t really think Alex has any great block strings unless he’s super close to you. Just have to keep your neutral game in check so he doesn’t get that close and if he does have a V Reversal or read with EX headbutt ready. Once you knock him down or generally get in you can take it to him because his reversal and jab options are even worse than yours.


st. HP is super useful in the Alex match up. Like Devil Jin said, characters such as Karin, Alex, and Chun (Characters that generally like throwing out normals) can’t play the same against Urien due to st. HP. Godlike button .

Take it in training room. Record Alex to cr. mp, st. mk, etc. and just get a feel for CC’ing it with st. HP


fucking on point, he is focused on pokes and and hit confirming and taking absolute full advantage of crush counters, Aegis and jump-ins or anything involving cr.hp


Here’s a post from the urien discord on alex

Fidoskin - Today at 12:33 PM
You can’t escape
Also beats (every alex spam it especially he got trigger)
Cr.hp so good as aa vs. Him
Even if you fucked up and he did allready j.d+hp
Also he is big man so be carefull and better optimize random trigger confirms
Mirror can hit twice and stuff. Almost same as gief
Also its pretty universal but you can deal with full power kinda ez and safe
Like just learn timing when to throw him at full charge
If he did not full charge you just block
And full punish
With st or cr.hp
Full punish
Also his pokes are almost same range as uriens
Also power bomb-> dash anything is unsafe. Can mash
Hyper bomb -> dash is ok


you guys ever try jab headbutt as AA when they are jumping right on top of you where you wouldnt be able to use it works pretty well even without v skill i just cant seem to get a tackle afterwards because of charge? you do get a juggle though…

I only say this because i still have a hard time going neutral to press RH for AA lol

cr fp trade AA pretty good too


How the fuck do you pull off the tackle after Not able to try this right now. Is it hard?




add that one to the list boys

how does he get both hits of the cr.hp. Walk forward seems way to strict to be practical

edit: nevermind i had the dummy standing in training mode


Urien’s EX chariot is Gill’s Third Strike chariot…

Also, Tokido and RB will be top 2 again later on today!!!


It’s really easy. Actually easier than f.MP xx headbutt. Just charge down back, then move to forward and hit MP LK as if you were plinking.

Also, I made a thing:


Easiest way was a poster in here had a nice “shortcut” charge down forward, hit forward plus mp, hit up plus punch.

Because of the buffer it’s very easy to do even from downback, but in combo the downforward charge works out much better.


Who is this guy? Some sort of OGxbox CVS2 player?


Came in here to ask this.

after watching some of these RB replays half of these dirty Aegis mixups require st. normals or forward mp into headbutt/tackle.
Now I figured out how to do forward mp into headbutt(not consistently yet), but how in the world does forward mp tackle work?

just read this after i posted, thanks.


Usually when I do, tackle, I hold a charge, do, then quickly go back and forward again. I usually don’t get it that often as I would rather end with headbutt but that’s how I do it.


Help with head butt loop.
I can do them, but it doesn’t combo. I keep getting 2 hits counter 2 hits, repeat.
Tips anyone.


the grab stun has been found to be the easiest… i’ve seen people do it off a raw jump in but i dont understand the spacing required to get it to loop? a tutorial video would most definitely be helpful
even the dashing into the stunned opponent isnt consistent for me


Fuck fang…


I would say that RB might show us some hope on some Urien matchups, specially against Bonchan, but I think it’s just a matter of knowledge. They just don’t know enough on how to deal with Urien mixups 'cause they’re too busy fighting Ken, Ryu, Chun, Nash and Chun.
They also didn’t know the Aegis mixups and i’m begining to think that thing someone said here before is true (about the top players always blocking the Aegis mixups will happen eventually). What Urien needs IMO is just a few tweaks in his moves, like why the hell back+hk has to be CC? Wouldn’t be better having c.hp as CC like Karin does? I mean, what advantage can you get after CC back+hk, seriously? And who the hell changed its orginal imput of back+mk? Also, that imput is so annoying when you just want to be defensive and then AA, plus, is so unsafe on block. Better hitboxes on c.hp as an AA, cancellable, a few frames faster for his V-Skill (or maybe still getting armor even if they punish you for doing it), his a few frames faster , and maybe something else? but it’s just small stuff he needs adjustment to be solid, I mean, what I’ve listed here is no big deal/broken $hit at all, it’s just adjustment.

PD: fuck Nash, seriously