KILL! The Urien SFV thread!



RB… the long lost son of RX


Little concept, inspired by RB:

  1. The high/low mixups may be the first to go once people start using V-reversal more, but not so with the left/right mixups, especially the more ambiguous ones. My favorite is the cr.HP xx EX fireball MP-HP > b.HK cross under reset, made even better if you put a close Aegis beforehand. It’s probably his best post-stun setup. As far as I’m concerned, due to how ambiguous-looking it is, it’s a true 50/50 reset that the opponent will have to guess. You can’t possibly react to something like that consistently, especially with the input lag of this game. Urien has some dash under setups too that are really difficult to block on reaction too.

  2. b.HK CC on its own not only rewards you with some V-gauge, it also puts some space in between you and your opponent so you can throw a fireball, backdash, or do whatever defensive option you want to get up V-skill. It’s a defensive CC with some interesting launch properties as well for setups. You can get some really good left/right mixups with Aegis since you are able to launch with cr.HP afterwards. I’ve been working on b.HK CC sequences recently and I think it’s a solid CC button with Aegis.

As for the AA problems, just get used to releasing the stick to neutral and hitting HK. It’s not that big a deal, really.

I don’t see how you could possibly benefit from having cr.HP as a CC button. It’s fine on its own. A little slow for an anti-air, maybe, but not terrible by any means.


good points, cr hp st hk f. mp and jab headbutt are all anti airs with their own uses


I don’t think urien can be top tier without a 3 frame normal OR an easy mode anti air. But that’s all he’s really missing (besides easy mode confirms) so… No 3 frame normal, no great AA and no easy confirms outside aegis… And that does keep him down, but:

He has things no other character really has either like safe on block ex get in moves and plus on block aerial move and aegis and an overhead TC that can’t be interrupted by normal moves unlike guile and Nash

It seems that most uriens still don’t know how good his is though. That’s a real shame, it’s one of his best moves pre aegis as it allows urien to not take so much damage pre aegis.


As an ex-bison main, I can say that Urien’s anti-air game is decent and rewarding (especially if you get that elbow tip).
In my case, I just need to get used to the fact that I DO have the tools to easily stop neutral and close jump-ins.
Thank god I don’t need to resort to jump back LK and all that shit.


I’ve been using a lot of empty cancel xx fireball. It’s pretty damn good. More damage from neutral, dissuades random dash ins. It’s not safe if blocked but I don’t get it blocked much. If you think it might get blocked though you can just substitute ex fireball instead.

After using this more at neutral I’ve got ALOT more control. Once that control is established is when urien can really start to use strategic and st.hp.


It is character specific. What setup and who are you trying it on?


Character specific?? Dafuq!
I think it was Ryu I tried it on.
Charged s HK, jab, m HB, jb, M HB…repeat


Someone please explain to me how some things can plow right though my aegis.

Can all supers go right through??
I know Balrog’s CA can.
What gives??


Aegis is a projectile. Many supers go through projectiles.

If however the other persons super is a projectile then it gets reflected, like ryus super fireball.

I think “static projectiles” like aegis itself and sonic hurricane don’t get reflected either since there is little to no “movement” to reflect. Aegis technically has movement, but might be classed as static… It’s an interaction that should be looked at either way.


Urien’s AA’s are a Godsend compared to Bison’s. There are times when I still accidently get b hk when trying to anti-air but most of the time if an opponent is jumping in recklessly I’m shutting that shit down with rh. With Bison you’ve gotta be at a specific range and react quickly to use cr. hp or you just have to air to air.


Urien has better pressure than what we have been using:

Blockstrings into ex knee are very plus on block… Even when point blank if you do backwards ex knee while holding backwards the whole time, against say Chun, you will make her block at near the top of her head… Yet still recover fast enough to CH her 3 frame cr.lp. So on block even at a very decent height, uriens ex knee is +2. This gives us some good pressure a couple times a round.

Ex knee is a move that deserves a lot more experimentation as there are 6 versions of the move.


Just tried it, it works great. However it costs an EX bar. With EX headbutt being a strong reversal and EX should charge being safe on block, i wonder if it is safe to assume that Urien shouldn’t have enough bar to use his Super in every match.

What uses for EX shoulder charge from a distance ?


How are there 6 EX Knee variations?


Ex knee startup can be done forward neutral or back… And it will fly in either direction… Which changes the spacing that it will hit at in all 3 circumstances.

After that on its descent it can be held down forward, down or down back. Combine these and you get 6 variations that can hit at 6 different spacings.

Now what can truly blow the mind is that the upward part, is lik a Mario jump and can be controlled back and forward for truly ambiguous movement. But the mainline, is that it can be held in one of those 6 directions to change up spacing and stuff.

A nice example is,cr.lp, xx upback to downback knee (can just hold upback) will hit the opponent just under their belt. But do the same pokestring and hold upforward and you will fly over their head.

Ramifications? The second one will bait DP and you can CC them as you land.

It’s far reaching meta shit, but it’s there. There’s also lots of ambiguous oki setups that can be had.

I can’t say that any of this is really worth it yet, I’m just saying the option is there.


Hey guys.

So are Urien’s main AA options (at close range, people trying to cross you up etc) a well timed c.HP or an early HK to hit them at the right time?


or quick dash forward


Also jump back lk is decent in a pinch.


jMK sHK crHP are what I use against jump ins