KILL! The Urien SFV thread!



The way I see it and have refined it to suit my own play:

Primary AA = Fmp.
Tertiary (secondary) AA = cr.hp
Crossup AA =

There’s only a couple of problems here.

The biggest problem is that uriens AA is wonky and well… Bad, if you play his neutral like you would any other characters neutral.

For me the biggest thing is to try and constantly space my opponent out at a range where if they jumpin I can use Fmp to AA them. This works well, but the opponent will rarely jumpin from that range once they’ve been AA’d from there once or twice. This is where I set them up for my jab fireball trap. Once I’ve got my jab fireball trap going my neutral is effectively set up.

Ok so, what about characters that respect the long range spacing and just want to charge in?

I just punish them for charging in, or I dash into them and make their offense my own.

What about cr.hp?

Cr.hp is a bait AA, as is Fmp tbqh. Urien doesn’t really have any twitch AA save for his CA and his ex headbutt. That means to really use his AA well you have to constantly bait your opponent into it.

I try and always stay outside the range where cr.hp works. But sometimes, against an opponent that I know really wants to jumpin, but is having trouble getting to the right range (inside the range of my Fmp, where I can’t use it) I’ll just walk into the range my opponent wants… And wait. If I was reading them right, as soon as they see me in the “right” range they will jump at me, and since I’m looking for the jumpin and baiting for it specifically, the cr.hp becomes easy to AA with since all my focus is on the AA. I leave for beating crossups that are extremely telegraphed. Otherwise I try to jump back lk.

I don’t find to be a worthy midrange AA despite its damage and outstretched priority. It just takes to much focus for me to use because it’s so slow with its AA frames at midrange being frames 10-11… That’s a 10 frame startup AA that has to be done even earlier because it hits so high up that it will hit the opponent earlier in their jump arc.

So yeah. Bait them into Fmp AA and goad them with fireballs, use systematic baiting to get cr.hp AA’s off and be hyper diligent about resetting your spacing and not allowing the opponent any jumpin crossup opportunities.

If you watched my newest spacing style I do lots of back and forward dashing. My forward dashes are generally to dash into max range. If it makes contact I like to backdash immediately as that gets me my Fmp AA spacing back. Once opponents get used to this I start to mix in closer range dash ins and jumps into shimmy/throw mixups/basic pressure.

What I’m trying to avoid though is being at a consistent range where my is at its tip spacing as that is where the opponent is likely to jump from and my cr.hp won’t work from there unless I’m looking for it (and it’s to close to use my Fmp and is also just to slow)


jab headbutt at worst trades with jumps directly over head and if it hits you get a (i cant seem to get charge for another special)
I’ve seen accidental cr mp low profile alot of jump ins…is there anything to this move? It seems to scoot you under moves like instant air legs as well


Thanks for all the advice guys. Just 1 further question:
In videos people always get Urien’s standing HK to hit twice, and it can then be comboed into the scoop. However when I do it, it only hits 1 time instead of 2. Is there a spacing or something specific to this?

Many thanks.


Keep pressing on s.HK to make it hit twice. Same with s.HP, it hit once but it allows you to special cancel it.


Keep holding the button, not keep pressing the button, it seems a small point, but it isn’t as keep pressing the button reads like you want to press the button multiple times, not hat you want to press and hold the button.


I was unsure about the correct word, english is not my native language. Thanks for the clarification.


I noticed some player use Cr. HP into Knee Drop instead of HP Sphere into Chariot Tackle. Is there any specific reason?

Also after EX Headbutt, what are the options after a F. MP reset? Am I better off just going for Chariot Tackle?


Ex knee drop after cr hp can lead to a f mp reset. Personally I don’t like that option because it spaces you right in front of them.

After ex head butt + f mp, either throw, shimmy, or wait for their reversal then s hp the **** outta them


can someone explain what RB is doing at 56:00? is looks like some sort of defensive option select

also note that both ex headbutt into and lk tackle do the same damage so only use lk tackle for meter/corner carry. You can also do into lp headbutt whiff which gives you a tick throw opportunity. You can mix that up with an ex headbutt x into a s.hp crush counter. crouching mk is also a good followup after for people who like to walk backwards/block high.


He’s doing some sort of os where he’s waking up and getting a throw tech on frames 1-4, but getting an ex headbutt after that.

I don’t know exactly how it works and my frames are probably off, but looking at his inputs you can clearly see that he’s using lp,mp,hp,lk

I don’t think he needs to use hp in that sequence, he may have a button set to 3p and is pressing that button and LK.

Either way the input gives him both a throw tech and an ex headbutt with the motion and those buttons so I’d bet money that it’s an OS.


Isn’t ex hb throw invul first frame?


Yes, but I’m assuming that if nothing comes out he gets either a throw attempt or a jump backwards of some sort. As I said I don’t understand the entire OS, but one can see that he’s getting out multiple options using the same buttons and the same timing… Somehow.


Hey guys,
Anyone know what to do after target combo 2? It doesn’t combo besides trying to get another (cr) medium punch in, which can be blocked. And it isn’t safe on block either.

Also what about l and m tackle? It’s not safe on hit, so you either have to jab or hurry up and grab after. Is there a best option?


TotalSagat on youtube just showed that ryu can meaty cr lk interrupt our ex hb


You cant interrupt ex HB. You can meaty it so that the recovers before the slow ass exheadbutt actually hits.

It’s not THAT strong though. You can delay tech the, then headbutt after you block the Or whatever you want. It is annoying though. I’ve played against his ryu using that tech. I got around like how I just described. It’s just something more to be aware of. You also have to know what wake ups he can get meaty light attacks off of and be aware in those situations.


How lame can you play this character, I am wondering if he could be a wall like chun with footsies? I think his toolset can make it work? Opinions?


B hk now also being s hk will help with that wall.


RIP headbutt loop.

I think that switching his command hk from to is really going to help his anti air game, which will ultimately help play him lamer.


The OS that RB is doing just looks like the Jump Back OS with EX Headbutt. Urien gets the added benefit of having his reversal as an Down Up charge move.

What this means is thst he can either use the OS normally with a jump back light, or EX Headbutt. I’m sure Chun can do this too, since her reversal has a similar command.

Also, not sure if it’s allowed on the forums. I’ve been playing around with the S2 changes so if anyone has any questions I can try to answer them.

Again, if it’s not allowed let me know and I’ll remove this. Have a good one fellas.


Can you clarify what you mean by jump back light or ex headbutt. Whenever I try the jump back, I only get EX headbutt. So i abandoned doing it all together.