KILL! The Urien SFV thread!



To perform the OS you just do a very slight delay Jump Back (UB) + Throw. Everyone can do this, but Urien can choose to do EX Headbutt instead of just Jump Back Light.

So it’s two different Option Selects, you just choose which one you want to do.


you can do that throw tech OS with any TK’d special move in the game. (TK meaning tiger knee meaning end your special move on an up input and slightly delay the button press) itazan uses it with SPD for instance. it’s just especially easy with up charge moves like headbutt and SBK since the move itself already ends on an up input, so all you have to worry about is delaying the button press.

the OS works because the game engine allows you to cancel pre-jump frames into special moves (necessary to allow grounded 360 motions to come out). however, pre-jump frames cannot be cancelled into normal throws. thus, when you input your special move with a TK motion + LP + LK, you assure that the special comes out rather than throw - since your delayed button press ensures you’re actually jumping before the throw or special input can register, and again - your jump can be cancelled into specials but not throws. you’ll still tech throws thanks to the LP+LK input. hence the utility of the OS.

the weak part of the OS is that you’re actually vulnerable to low attacks for 1-2 pre-jump frames before your special comes out. for this same reason, it can’t be used as a reversal, since your TK’d special can never come out on the first frame. it’s best to use it in a fuzzy blocking scenario - meaning blocking for a few frames on wakeup to deal with meaties, and then inputting the OS immediately afterwards. it’s quite executionally taxing with anything that isn’t a straight up-down move, but if done properly it will block any meaties, tech any throws, or perform your special if your opponent does neither of things. it’s most commonly used with invincible reversals to blow up delayed buttons - i.e. the RB tech… which is really just a variation of the momochi DP tech from last year. but you can also use it with an escape move like FANG’s slide, or with a command grab to catch shimmies (the itazan). perhaps there are some other applications I haven’t thought of, but those are the big ones.


Hatson in the discord made an imgur album with S2 changes that were in the beta that leaked by mistake

If these are final, ooooooooo baby.

#1384 is +4 on hit! JUICY

Also cr.lp +5 on hit damn near makes him an sf4 character as,cr.lp, should all combo AND leave him at +2 after the confirm on block. This is super nice if it stays.


You know how Vega has a j.LK cross-up, right? And how because it’s a light normal, it doesn’t afford enough hitstun to link a hard normal afterwards, right?

What the fuck is that shit!


There is nothing new about this. Lots of characters can link heavies off of light crossups if the light attack is low/late enough.

The change in uriens jlk hitbox has a lot to do with this though. It’s higher up in uriens body so that means that it will hit later than his non crossup jlk from Season 1 even when done with the same timing, which translates to more frame advantage on hit and block.

The shortness of the opponents character has to do with it as well cause they are easier to hit lower to the ground.


Urien is lookin really good in season 2. That change to his command normal kick is exactly what i wanted back when I played his “beta” version. I may just have to start playing him again :smiley:


I guess we’ll find out tomorrow but to headbutt may have just gotten harder or impossible depending on what this means:

Shortened the inactive frames on input confirm from 12F to 6F after the last key for a
charge attack has been input.

Not sure if that means since f. Mp is a 7 frame move that it’ll be impossible to buffer in headbutt or just really tight.


All hail the new top tier leader


Urien: “What’s a nerf?”


So I’m assuming Urien stole Alex’s soul? Something like "You should never have been the poster boy of SF3! I’M A FUCKING GOD IN A BANANA HAMMOCK!"
Seriously though, reading Alex’s notes and then reading Urien’s is like reading a horror story.


One does not simply nerf the Illuminati.
Only direction Urien knows is up.


Buffs for the guy in the buff


so b+hk is now df+hk? That change in itself is huge just to allow for an easier time anti-airing, or not fucking up your anti-air and getting the damn step kick.

I have a rota of characters that goes Balrog, Zangief, Alex right now and chances are I’m ditching Alex to pick up either Ibuki or Urien. Because fuck Alex.


Yo. I haven’t played Urien in a month. What was Uriens **meaty ** on block?


Meaty is -1 to +1 on block.

1st active (not meaty): -2
2nd active: -1
3rd active: 0
4th active (perfect meaty): +1


Some stuff, I’ve found
Corner. Ch, c.hp, c.hp,
Is a nasty reset


I’m liking the cr mk x cr mp x hp headbutt or hk tackle x CA.


Found pretty good mid screen combo: CH, cr.hp xx lp headbutt, cr.hp xx hp.fb, hk chariot tackle. Also you can end the combo with ex.fb, hk chariot, ex chariot.


You can also do the cr.hp, lp headbutt, cr.hp combo after crush counter, jump in etc but only in certain distance, but it is pretty easy to see/confirm.