KILL! The Urien SFV thread!



I also found out that you can do that combo after charged in/crush counter to big characters like Gief. 322 dmg and 506 stun. Need to check rest of the cast as well.


is it just me or the crossup thing is bs? I’m not hitting at all.


I can do fMP into headbutt but it feels harder. I can’t do f+MP into tackle at all, I was wondering is I was just tired, but I fired up the trials (where the characters are still in season 1 mode) and I could do it there.


Edit: nvm. You have to hit very late just before landing on the other side.


Cr.lp(blocked),, xx special is going to be his go to pressure string imho. It has the highest amounf of offensive options attached to it and is hitconfirmable.


You can do stuff in the corner like cr. Hp xx charged ex up ball, quarrel kick and choose to cross under or not.

It’s pretty easy to do meaty st. MP to cr. Hp from this on the same side, but I DID get meaty st. MP to cr. Hp on the other side too somehow a few times. I have no idea how.

That said in the corner it’s really easy to do cr. Hp, cr. Hp xx mk knee drop, f. Mp reset to meaty st. MP, but you’ll never have the cross under mixup.



Help on the fang matchup PLEASE


Lots of knees and fireballs. You can’t play against him like a regular character since he controls the ground so use your aerial knees smartly to fly around and stuff. While using your fireballs as well. Once he has to respect the knees then you can play grounded with him for small bits of time.


Yeah I guess rhythm is key in this matchup seeing how he can shut down almost ALL of our options.

V-Skill asap, Fireball Zoning - Knee Drop after he does those poison balls (they like to do it after the poisonwall), pressure and if it doesn’t work I fall back and repeat in a different fashion. It’s my gameplan so far. I think it’s Urien’s worst matchup very annoying all around.


Perhaps a dumb question, but what’s a good secondary for Urien? Fresh season 2 player, trying to be an online warrior with Urien first and foremost, but I’d like to have something in my pocket.


I went from bison to urien pretty easily.

Honestly though if urien is thr new Chun now I wouldn’t worry about a secondary.


Uriens a defensive fireball character that can go in, but he doesn’t make his life there.

Good secondary would probably be Laura or mika.

Then again those characters are good secondaries for anyone maining a zoner IMO.


Depends on who you feel Urien struggles against. I don’t enjoy vs FANG or Bison (haven’t played them in S2 yet) so I would’ve went Cammy.


lol, if that really is the case I may exclusively focus on Urien.

Oh? I dabbled in SF4 a bit and had an awful Makoto. Laura looks kind of interesting to me. I should probably hit up the Laura thread sometime . . .


Something I just realized I’ve been sleeping on for a very long time… uriens charged st.hp in blockstrings… this shit is so good:

The the good thing is the cancel into mp fireball. If the st.hp hits the entire combo does 154 damage which is a hell of a lot for sf5 from a simple meterless cancel.

But if it CC’s then urien gets 174 meterless. Sure he misses the big combo but that’s not what’s important as that has no real scare factor to it… people just block and take the -3 from halfscreen. But if he’s canceling it to fireball it’s a much bigger psychological threat cause it just locks people down for a nice amount of time.

For me the perfect spacing to do it is after a blocked,cr.lp string. From that string I like to do non charged st.hp and that teaches people to be wary of the button presses from 2 moves out.

Try it out you might like it.


Charged stHP is + on block


I know. Perhaps I worded it wrong. People take “their own” -3

From halfscreen away it doesn’t mean much so they don’t care.


So urien aegis setups are hard to come by. Almost all the good ones only crossup or they require urien to get a launch without first aegis, then use first aegis as a mixup tool, which is kinda unrealistic cause that means urien has to land a jumpin or a CC st.hp when he’s at 1/3 life. Generally he’s only got one confirm left in him before death at that point so that’s a hard wave to ride.

So, something super simple and old, but it can be done midscreen for only one meter and gives urien a good mixup attacking position: xx first aegis BNB into cr.hp launcher xx ex mp hp sphere (dash) fmp xx second aegis.

The opponent will flip out and land just in front of the second aegis. Urien is right there to make them land into a mixup.

If urien lands the low he gets another plus 250 or so combo for no meter so the entire sequence can do around 500 damage.

If he gets throw it will bounce off aegis and do like 200 after the which is like 450 total damage… which isn’t bad returns for a simple mixup.


Neutral 2nd aegis or close aegis?