KILL! The Urien SFV thread!



I see Urien players cancelling their Chariot Tackle into Reflector but when I try to do it, it doesn’t cancel. Is there only a specific version that can be cancelled?


EX tackle


Neutral second aegis

Note, just checked the damage numbers and for 2 meters using this reset, assuming you hit with the low reset, this sequence does 286+321

600 damage for 2 meters ain’t nothing to scoff at. It’s about 50 damage less if meter is only used for the first launch.


that mixup can be jumped out of after the f+MP reset. it’s not a bad mixup but once people start realizing this it makes it hard to make use of the second aegis.

to prevent that I think a better mixup which I got from one of the posts in here is:
whatever into first aegis BNB into cr.hp launcher xx ex sphere hold (lp+mp or mp+hp) xx second aegis xx f.MP

if you use lp+mp sphere you’ll have to time it and cancel into aegis on the first hit

they’ll land right on top of the aegis with no chance of getting out of the reset unless they use meter

you lose the throw mixup but you get xx c.hp, xx c.hp, dash under xx c.hp, xx headbutt, etc.


No, it can’t be jumped out of if your timing is good on the (and the initial dash into fmp)

But yeah it’s tight timing.

It’s just on some ol git gud stuff and not everyone will know that it can be jumped out of with bad timing. Ad those that do… well if you get your timing up then they just gave you a bunch of damage.

Yesterday I was using it against someone and he tried to reversal twice in a row and I CC’d him into the round win both times.

Working for me :slight_smile:


With the patch, what is Urien’s most damaging meterless/1-bar and no VT combo?


Probably something starting with st.hp (fully charged) CC xx fully charged ex fireball>link into other stuff

You’ll have to find out the rest yourself cause I don’t bother with theory combos.


Well I was thinking, off of say CC st. HP, something like, dash in cr.HP(2), cr.HPxxMK.VKD, EX CT. But meterless, I was trying to see if the CC st. HP, dash in cr.HP(2), cr.HPxxCH.HP.MS, st.HP would work, but I’m having a hard time timing the charge for the metallic sphere into the st.HP.


so with the nemo reset corner reset into, when i do the crossover, the aegis doesn’t hit when i switch sides
anyone know the timing?

edit: found out ex tackle needs to be done lower while the throw setup doesn’t matter where you ex tackle



Post stun combo


that is the dopest thing I’ve seen someone do post stun online


urien noob here. what is uriens best string to handle walk back?

also, are his optimal frame traps listed anywhere?


I hit you back on the pm.


What do you guys think about the
CC charged st.hp > delayed xx mp headbutt > st.lp xx mp headbutt > st.lp xx hp headbutt combo as DP punish. Too hard for actual use?


I YouTube’d “Urien Season 2 Headbutt Loops” and came up with nothing, there is one that requires a walk back into st.lp but I can’t seem to land the headbutt meaty enough still and it seems really impractical considering the damn fiddly nature of the walk back st.lp xx m.headbutt

Anybody have practical post-stun headbutt loops?


Back throw, cr mp x hp hb to go to other side, charge s hk x s lp x mp hb x s lp x hp hb.

After the first and only s lp x mp hb, you can link lp x lk tackle x CA.

I tried linking ex tackle after the second s lp, but it’s tricky for me.


Can someone confirm this: can you get meatied out of ex headbutt?
I swear it feels like sometimes I get poked out of my invincible reversal.


Hit me with that same pm please


Working hard on my neutral and anti-airs before I go into VT/mix-up territory. was always pretty godlike but damn, is really good for any non-deep jumps as well huh?

Urien’s AA set is actually pretty balling it’s just kinda slow