KILL! The Urien SFV thread!



Currently learning Urien. What are some good frame traps?

#1442 > is your go-to 3f trap, st.lp > is a nice 4f option, > is another 4f option for you and links on CH, > st.lp for a 2f option and you can just do st.lp > cr.lp if you want to see if they’re mashing.


Nice man thank you.


Ok I need a little assistance. I fooled around a handful of times with Urien in s1 but I basically know next to nothing about playing him let alone optimally and I want to try maining him atm. From a total noob’s perspective what do I need to know about playing as Urien and where do I start?


Look into the stuff you’ll be doing the most each match you play, and have a quick glance over his general punish guide.

I think his mindgames are a good thing to learn, and obviously looking into frame traps and anti-airs. He has some super easy corner and midscreen reset options as well that take 2 minutes to learn.

I haven’t learned many VT resets yet, I only have one. They should be 4th or 5th on your list I think, because you wanna have some solid air control and ground control first.


What are his mind games?

#1447 > hp(his target combo) has a 2f gap in it, meaning if they press a button the second hit will counter-hit, it also has to be blocked high and is kinda fast to come out

this can make people stand block, or just block due to conditioning. So things like > throw, or > become possible options regardless of you being -2 after


Ok sweet. Got it, thanks for explaining.


You can’t get meatied out of it, since it’s invincible. Someone can jab on your wake up meaty, and since ex headbutt has so much start up, still have time to block after wiffing the jab.


I see


Hi guys, Alex main here looking to pick up Urien as a secondary character. I will look through all of the pages here (im not lazy) but if there is anyone that could make a list of things or link me to the things I should be doing/practicing with Urien it would be extremely helpful and I would greatly appreciate it.


Well, you just check all the basics actually as you’d do with every character.

Check the strength of your buttons
Get used to your anti airs ( for stuffing crossup attempt, cr.hp for most jump ins, for far jump ins)
learn at least 1 low confirm (, cr.lp, lk tackle or hp headbutt if opponent is standing)
learn at least 1 punish (CC st.hp dash) cr.hp, hp fireball, hk tackle / cr.hp, hp fireball (short charge), lk tackle in case of corner
learn at least 1 vtrigger combo (e.g., vtc,,, cr.hp, hp fireball, hk tackle)

once you got those basics down, I’d start with meaty setups and figuring out when/where it is safe to use vskill

After that, you start with mixups and youtube is godly for that part. But you want to get used to the character first before you start doing the fancy shit. (imo)


Thank you man. I will work with that.


Is there something I’m missing? I do crouch HP into Fireball but my tackle never comes out.


Are you doing it too quickly? And are you letting the cr. hp hit twice?


Are you sure you’re charging long enough? Once you do the fireball input you have to start holding back. There’s a huge window to hit HK tackle after, just make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to charge.

I have a question too…why do I see top players (including Nemo) popping Vskill when they get stun, even when the next combo will kill? Wouldn’t the next special just build v-meter and not regular meter? If I know I’m gonna kill, I skip Vskill so I can build meter for the next round. Am I missing something?


I assume they’re taunting their opponents.


IMO it is just such an ingrained habit that is unlikely to be disrupted for an exception.


Well if you somehow drop the dizzy combo at least you’ve got armor stacked


Personally I’ve tried to be a little more conscious about it, if it’s round 1 and I’ll kill I’ll make more of an effort to build meter with headbutt/tackle whiff.

It’s an extremely ingrained habit with me at this point, hearing the stun sound pretty much guarantees a psychological v-skill trigger in my head.