Kill wife, get life term. Get free sex change at taxpayer's dime in prison


Looks like he wanted to live out those lesbian prison fantasies. You know, unless they aren’t moving him to female prison, in which case, LOL.

But yeah pretty fucked up.


This judge is almost as dumb as those who have passed the new “Voter ID” Laws. Doh what I am talkin about, he is dumb the others are paid.


You shouldn’t be mad that a man (woman?) is having his constitutional rights enforced. A lot of differing views on the death penalty and if suicide is legal (tried to kill himself twice and do self castration once), but forget about that for a second.

You should be mad that it took ten years for someone to realize that a man put away for murder is fucked up in the head. Then he was denied medical treatment because of safety concerns and “in fear of public and political criticism.” Nearly ten years later, a judge ruled that it was his constitutional right to have the treatment provided to him. Which can still be appealed until said operation is complete.

This will apparently cost around 30,000 - 80,000 dollars. A state representative (Scott Brown) was mad that it was “an outrageous abuse of tax payer dollars.” (side note: it costs at least 1.2 million to put the guy on death row anyway?) But I guess it’s alright that a prison will take 10 years to identify someone having mental problems, that his constitutional rights took about 20 years to determine, and that you may be denied medical treatment if doing so would prove unpopular.

almost totally unrelated - anyway we’re spending one trillion and counting on a fighter aircraft which might as well be completely fucking useless as long as submarines exist. oh and it won’t be ready for use until 2016 (maybe.) it’ll be worse than the f-22. ah, but the f-22 might not be as awesome as many people believe either. why is nobody complaining about this again


I thought you guys of all people would understand you never stand between a man and a vagina.


A TRILLION dollars on a plane?

That motherfucker better turn into a cassette that flies into a giant tape player or something equally useful.


Is that the peice of shit that can’t fly in the rain? when my boy in military got back from Overseas and told me about that shit and how much money was spent on it it blew my mind.


prisoners shouldnt have rights


Most prisoners are black.


you say that like it’s supposed to change my opinion


That made no sense and you know it.


Seems reasonable enough.

I wouldn’t torture an animal in a cage, if I had to cage it I’d at least look after it. Seems to be the best solution for this particular dilemma.


oh and they cheated on the flying tests too. hope none of them blow up randomly!this thing fucks up a lot too but i like it because ghost in the shell makes it look cool so it must b cool


Interesting read. I have no further commentary unless someone asks for my opinion, which I have yet to form.
See, this is good stuff, people. A quality thread. My intellect is challenged. My beliefs are under review.
New ideas are being forged in the fiery depths of my cerebral faculty. I cope well with this.


Of all the things your tax dollars are wasted on, THIS is what you complain about?
The government is laughing right now :rofl:


Actually, I tend to believe that the Government has it’s hands tied. The corporate media giants are likely the culprits for the diversion of attention. The corporate elite are the one’s dismantling our country, not the Government itself. The Corporatocracy more than dabble in our politics. This is a matter of perspective, of course.


You got it wrong. SRK motto is don’t stand between a man and a man who looks like a woman :coffee:

Word. In my head, they’re one in the same, working hand in hand to further individuals’ interests


Word. Though, there are civil servants in politics who outcry the abomination. Not all want this. Unfortunately, such media coverage never reaches our eyes and ears or it is edited and superimposed until it becomes less than a half truth. If we lump them all together for the sake of convenience, even the politicians who are pure of heart will acquiesce to the whims of their deceivers. I am careful not to do this. One must not be lazy in regards to pinning the blame or we lose our best allies.


Prisoners should have the bare minimum human rights, that’s all.


I think all prisoners should fight to the death in an arena for our amusment.


This better become a reality show. Deathwatch, Madworld, anyone?