Killer Instinct (2013)

Too bad that is a lolbox one exclussive

So how many fools would fall for this bait and buy a console that they will regret later?

I spend years waiting for a new killer instinct, one is finally announced and it is on a console that at this point I have no intention of getting. It’s like a sad joke.

I’ll wait til a price drop and when MS removes all that DRM/Always online bullshit. And not a second before.

With that said, BADASS game tho

Big questions:

Will it be competitive?

Will the Madcatz KI sticks be fully moddable and what will be the cost?

How big will the install base be considering $500 for the console, however much XBONE Live will cost, AND the cost of a new stick.

How many venues have decent internet? Spooky makes it work with that DSL but does the console need to be downloading and uploading shit constantly? How much of an effect slow internet will have?


This is a damn shame.

Well, looks like I’ll be pulling out the SNES again for this one.

It’s this year actual, Double Helix website site says it’s a launch title

It’s from the people that worked on such great games like Silent Hill Homecoming, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Front Mission Evolved, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters and Battleship: The Movie: The game

Oh… Fuck…

Think of it like a test, KI fans. “Here’s what you’ve been asking for, but it’s at the bottom of this jar of acid and razor blades. How much do you really love KI?”

game looks like garbage. also, good luck playing this game in tournaments with X1’s online bullshit.

Any thoughts on the bar underneath combo percentage? Hitstun decay?

while its FANTASTIC that we’re finally getting KI3, i’m waiting to be impressed.

I’m really hating that I’ve been hoping for a new KI for years, only to find it being developed for a console I have no interest in, at all.

I am sad to say this, but i hope that the new KI ends being garbage

I prayed to the videogame Gods for many years… and its finally happening. All XboxOne B.S. aside… it’s KI3!!! I’M HYPE!!!

I hate that its under these circumstances, but I’m playing this game & I hope its great.

It looks like shit covered in particle effects.

Hmmmmm… So they’ll show a playable build, huh ? Interesting. Does anyone here live in Los Angeles ?

Jago looks very SFIV, which is disappointing in a new title. I do like Sabrewulf’s model, though. Shows some real creativity in character design. Damn shame it won’t be on PS4, too. Does not being on both consoles kill its competitive chances?

Also, why are they apparently leading with Jago instead of Fulgore? Is there some story point about Jago being the main character that I’m not aware of?

Anyone saying the game looks like shit from a non-HD video that shows nothing but combos needs to settle down and go sit in a corner.

That being said it’s gonna be released on the ShitboxOne (from a 360 player), so fuckkkkkkkkk my life I won’t be playing.

My real question is how in the fuck Microsoft managed to take away Sony’s top exclusive franchise in MGS and make it an Xbox exclusive…

Been Waiting 17-18 years for a new KI im in. Ill be following news for this game very closely and waiting to drop $600 for the XBONE and KI. Now that being said, i hope this game turns out to be a good solid fighter. As far as art style i was hoping for something a little more unique like the old KI’s. The background looks good so far, i just hope they have some big scaling levels. The actual fighting looks good and from I hear a prominent member of this community has been involved with making this game so i have high hopes. All will be known within the next 5 months, and i am 99% on board.

Edit: One other thing, all this talk about shitbox 1 i agree. So far Microsoft is fucking up as far as used games, rentals and lending giving games is going… However its quite possible that Sony may be doing the same exact thing. As opposed as i am to this bullshit microsoft has been telling us, im prepared to except that this may be a con of Next Gen gaming. I guess we’ll find out later tonight but if your not prepared to suck it up, you may wanna consider going over to PC gaming.

so… will they re-release the original on the xbl just for kicks like they did for SF

As a fan an serious player of KI… it looks as if they’re trying to meld 1 and 2 together… just my opinion. Early to get hype but just for the FACT they are actually looking at the KI franchise is cool enough.

As far as competitive… dont know. Cause I only know a few outside myself (if you come to NEC, WB, or SummerJam you will know) that will play serious so can’t call it yet. Still… glad they are looking at it an hope they put some time in on it an not just doin it cause fighting games are the focus at the time. Now if I can get someone to revisit Tenchu.