Killer Instinct Arcade XBLA signature petition thread


Ok so I saw what the guys who want Darkstalkers are doing so I thought I would start a sig. thread for one of my favourites Killer Instinct Arcade. All the game needs is features similar to HD remix minus the HD graphics and balance tweaks. I’m sure we don’t want to wait ages for a release and I personally like the classic look/feel. So sign away so we can get some noise heard and maybe kick Rares ass into action! :lol:


No one cares about your nostalgic memories.


I care, and I’d buy.



I also care and would open my wallet up for it.


I think it’s due to licensing issues that this game has yet to be re-released. Basically Microsoft own Rare, but all the KI games were released on Nintendo consoles. You’re not going to get Nintendo games published on XBL or PSN, and Microsoft aren’t going to release their properties on the Wii, so yeah I think we’ll be waiting a while to see these games again. More chance of seeing an all new title I think.


Perfect Dark XBLA begs to differ.

Also, as stupid as this game was, it was awesome fun. I’d sign if a petition would come up.


I remember that there was a legal limbo with KI, i can’t confirm this, but last time i heard it was because KI characters are copyrighted by Nintendo (as opposed to Banjo or Perfect Dark).


is this really true?, i preffer to ignore it cause is basically the same as the rumor of GG and sega wich turned out to be false, so until an official anouncement of rare stating that they dont own KI i prefer to sin of being optimistic than believing rumors :stuck_out_tongue:


X10: Ken Lobb: Killer Instinct Has a Place on the XBLA - Xbox 360 News At

*“Actually after KI2, we started KI3 so there was some early work done on it,” Lobb revealed. “Someday, maybe. I think in some ways ? again, we don?t have any plans ? but if we were going to do a KI3, we?d probably start with KI1 on XBLA, you know to a.) see if everyone is still interested in the IP, but also as a reminder of what it was like.”

“Street Fighter is a great example of that, right?” he continued, “They obviously did Street Fighter 4 last year very successfully, but right before it, Street Fighter HD. It sold very well. I?ve always been a huge fighting game fan so I never really ?got out? of Street Fighter, but when Street Fighter HD came out, I played the crap out of it. I was excited to get Street Fighter 4. I think the same thing could work.”
Signed like a mofo


prays they put it on xbl… love that damn game.

hell can someone pm me the best way to make my old version [rom/emulation] work on windows 7…


the only problem that i see, is that it will be a 360 exclusive wich sucks monkey balls :confused:


Except that, unless I am missing something, the arcade version of KI wasn’t released on any Nintendo hardware. If we were talking about the console versions, sure, I could see your point. But we’re talking about the arcade version.

According to Wikipedia, the arcade edition was published by Midway, not Nintendo. So I think if it were the arcade version (which is ideal), then there is no reason Rare couldn’t release it on the Xbox 360, provided that there was no reacquisition by another company of the publishing rights by another company besides Microsoft after Midway folded. Now of course, if it were the console version, there would be the snafu of Nintendo owning publishing rights, but Rareware’s design of the characters and its acquisition by Microsoft blocking any form of publication of this game being made (which would be on Wii/3DS Classic Console, since it is a Nintendo property).


come on ppl keep signing and showing interest. I am pretty sure this can be released on xbla, banjo and perfect dark were released with no probs.


speak for yourself cuz I care. KI was awesome. I used to play KI2 all the time at my local arcade on my breaks at a mall in CT years ago.


If we can actually get this to work, hell yes. I don’t care how much of a broken mess it is in retrospect, I <3 KI.




Signed x3123910294238472093402386



signed. i love ki 1. hated the 2nd game though.


Signed. I would love to see the return of Killer Instinct! C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER FTW!!!


keep the sigs coming


I’d get it if it came out