Killer Instinct characters confirmed for SFxT xbox360?!

I don’t mean any harm by making this thread. Instead I’m expressing my feelings out on how unfair and unfortunate it is that the Xbox360 version of this master piece of a game isn’t getting any exclusive characters. Thank you, Microsoft. Thank you for not caring.

And sorry for the propaganda and the waste of your precious life time…

Yeah, it’s sort of a bummer. Oh well though :stuck_out_tongue:


Sabrewulf would be awesome lol.

I hate all the exclusive characters on the PS3 version, and never want to play or play against any of them. So yeah, thanks Microsoft for leaving them out.

Don’t we have a wishlisting thread for this?

Get the PS3 version if you want extra characters.

I really hate how you named this thread. Not cool.

Useless if you don’t have a Ps3

I know it’s an emotional sensitive subject. KI was amazing, and still is. My heart weeps every single year hoping for an announcement or some sort for a sequel…

Stop making threads like these.