Killer Instinct Exhibitions! Showdown Saturday's at the Microsoft Store in Tyson's Corner


To everybody in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area and elsewhere, every Saturday starting this coming week, we’ll be having KI exhibition tournaments to promote the coming of the season 2, which as you know dropped on the 23rd of this month. We’ll have several stations set up at the back of the store in the community theater and the time we’ll be running the games well be at 6 pm. So far there is just exhibition games to bring out as many of fans as possible, though we will have to some swag to give out from time to time. Feel free to reply to this post with any question, and ABSOUTELY get the word out. The bigger we get this thing, the more likely I can set up something bigger around this. Oh btw, I’m also a big KI fan myself, been playing it since the first KI at the arcades, feel free to add me on Xbox Live, RagingTygaWolf is my gamer tag, I’m usually on KI3 or KI2 Classic now that it’s out (with multiplayer support!)


Do you all have TE2’s set up or is it just the controller?


DMV stand up!