Killer Instinct Fan Art


Since the new KI is out and I’m new to the forum, I thought why not start a Killer Instinct Fan art thread. Spinal is one of my favorite characters of the game and I love what they did with the new design. So I decided to draw him first but possibly Fulgore will be next. I already have a sketch, just need the time.


I decided to fix his face since there was something I didnt like about it so I played around and got something with better form and looks more aggressive.


Very clean art piece!


Is this the final art or is still just the skeleton?
HAHAHA omg i’m so funny

Anyway, I like your art, i’m pretty sure I saw it on tech talk stick art thread =.= not sure though

Working on a Fulgore. Just a preview of the WIP :slight_smile:


dude if there was only a way i could put that spinal art on my skateboard lol