Killer Instinct @ FFA

We just put out Killer Instinct (v1.5d) here at Family Fun Arcade.

It’s doing surprisingly well.

There’s also going to be a tournament on August 16th:

Get your practice in before the tournament.

i like how it was conveniently put in, AFTER i left socal. fools were afraind of the rape!!! =)

good shit tho

Interesting, I’ll have to check it out after EVO.

same here…ummm ki 1 or 2?

KI 1 (v1.5d).

here’s a guide from

1.5d is a bit different from previous versions. Many glitches were fixed and combo breakers are harder to do.

i wanna go to the tournament :woot:

c c c c comboooooo breakerrrrrrr!

is killerinstinct in ffa?

^ Yeah. I like Mike Z over everyone in this game.

i been playing this game since i was 13

well see was good yag di9g

ill take a bet on that one, next time im in cali. ki is free for me, wiz, and sicdic, in any order

seriously, I remember when SHGL put it back in maybe a year or so before it shut down man it was no fun trying to even get on their level.

After hearing about the KI tourney I had this dream that my SRK username was American Eyedol.

I can take Wizard. I beat him before and I can beat him again. Hes dam good though I will give him that. I think we went 50/50 with Cinder vs Orchid/ Cinder vs Cinder. We played it at SVGLwhen we went to Nor Cal for a tourney back in 2003 a month before EVO. Its a shame we both didn’t have more time to practice up but really who practices KI.

Sabre and Sicdic I need to play you mofos. I think theres like 6 people in America that actually knows how KI works.

If you guys get together for a KI tourney all of you let me know in advance I would love to come down enter and get some games in.

i dont think you can take me on good sticks. the quality of sticks at svgl were sub par and i told you that.

I’ll be in California in October for a wedding lets meet up at FFA and get some games in.

Can you hold one more tournament for when psx comes here from hawaii?

Im down for that…
i missed the 1st tourney…
i started training on Mame…


Thanks I will let you know when I head down there. Worst case get some casual games in.

Btw anyone know how the KI emulated runs? Smooth? Good online play?

Sorry never kept up on the KI emulation after it first was done. I remember you needed its own emulator and I think the rom was rather large to. Came out in late 90s.