Killer Instinct fightstick on PC?


I am just wondering if anyone has got their Madcatz Killer Instinct TE 2 fightstick working on PC or if anyone knows how to. Am I stuck waiting on Microsoft to release the xbox one drivers?


No dude,

Until MS release the drivers then trying to get it working on PC is kinda pointless.


That’s what I thought the answer would be. Damn Microsoft!


Microsoft has yet to release drivers for Xbox One controllers, Period. Unless some very clever hackers write some custom drivers, Xbox one controllers use on the PC isn’t going to happen.


I noticed this weekend that focus attack gave away a Madcatz TE2 stick that worked for PC, play station 3 and 4 as well as the 360 and Xbox one. I was hoping there was a way now that I could make my KI stick do the same. Guess I’m stuck still waiting.


No, it was a Mad Catz Pro fightstick, not a TE2.
And there was a tri-mod with a Xbox One Pad Hack and a PS4 Pad hack.


You’re right it was an SFxT stick. Hopefully someone will figure out how to make the KI sticks cross platform too. Would suck if I’ll only be able to use it for one game.


wouldn’t it be possible to dualmod it with a ps360+?


PS360+ doesn’t work on the xbox one yet.


The TE2 pcb isn’t common ground, so no dual mod.


Not with the stock Mad Catz PCB. Unless you know ALOT of electronic wizardly and invert hack each and every single input.
You would have to completely replace the stock PCB before your Dual-mod.


Wait, MS won’t allow their own controllers on their own OS? What idiocy is this? They DON’T want to sell controllers to PC gamers who haven’t upgraded their 360 pads in years? To make matters worse, I bet a million $$$$ they make it Win 8 only.


Yep, folks at Microsoft already completely screwed up this console generation.

The XBox One is slightly slower and under powered compared to the PS4. The Xbox One could play catch up with some some-what exotic additional eRam that No programmers know how to program for yet.
The Whole DRM debacle. The complete lack of understanding what mainstream and hard core gamers want (TV tunner, Skype, Kinect ect…). And no Windows PC Drivers for Xbox One controllers.

If Microsoft was smart, you have drivers out at day one for everything Win Xp all the way to Win 8.1 in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

It is so bad that Microsoft’s top investors wants the company to sack the entire Entertainment Divisions (which includes Xbox) as well as Bing and Surface. They already fired Steve Balmer the old CEO and hired Satya Nadella, who is being pressured to axe these parts of the company, re-double efforts on products and services to big enterprise and basically telling Balmer and Gates they ran the company wrong all this time.


I think Gates was the only person at MS who knew what he was doing. When Steve took over things went to shit fast. I remember when I actually enjoyed MS operating systems but now I’m on Linux because I can’t stand their shit anymore. This new guy is going to fuck up even more because the shareholders are going to pester him so much at some point he will cave in and stupid shit will happen.

I feel bad for anyone who has a year subscription to XBL and recently bought an Xbone (though really, REALLY?? You supported the piece of shit that was going to DRM you to death WHY?) because if they actually do axe the division then that’s a bunch of unhappy customers who get shafted. Possibly a class action lawsuit waiting to happen, which will screw MS up even more.

The shareholders are partially right though, MS should be focusing on big enterprise because all their attempts to break into x market besides Xbox have been flops. Windows Phone? Zune? This other new Windows Tablet bullshit with the Windows 8 no one ever fucking asked for? Funny thing is they’ll have to compete with the open source crowd who have been enterprising for just as long like Red Hat, which is probably stealing market share as MS makes shittier and shittier OS options for “enterprise” solutions. Yeah, those site licenses are nice but guess what? Most companies can still function off their NT4 licenses, their Win2k licenses (man I miss Win2k… ugly as sin but so easy to use) and XP. Good luck convincing them to upgrade to your shitty OS options for an underwhelming and even shittier OfficeSuite that gets more dumbed down and user unfriendly as the releases come out. I remember at one of my old jobs the first day they rolled out that new fucking Office 2007 or some shit with the fucking ribbon bar. I’m like, ok WHERE is that god damned option now??

I literally can’t wait for MS to fall apart at the seams.

Ok, well, I can’t fully knock the company. One of their service reps gave me a free Win7 Home key which is installed on my netbook because my Win7 Starter key had worn off and I couldn’t refresh my system since I had put Linux on it (wiped the drive clean) and had to put Win7 back on it. Usually they tell you you’re shit out of luck but after some photos and the like of my old worn key which was no longer readable they actually gave me a new key. I couldn’t believe it but I have to hand it to them as far as that was concerned, that was one of the best customer experiences with a company I had. They could have told me to fuck off and said I was a filthy pirate faking it to get a free OS, but they didn’t.

Sheesh, quite a rant over something as stupid as Windows drivers but really, that’s just one of the most idiotic things ever.


Man the surface is sweet, I hope they don’t axe that–it could lead to some really great technology.

I am also stunned that for some people their first arcade stick is a TE2. Talk about a late jump into the fgc.


The bad thing is I feel Satya Nadella is a great guy, a good programmer and if left alone would run MS well.
But the only reason Satya Nadella is the CEO is because of the same Investors who fired Balmer and think Balmer did a crap job.
Nadella’s big strength is he is not as much more open minded than Balmer, much to the way Gates was in his later years as CEO.

So the Investors are going to use Nadella as their tool to crush something they never wanted, the Xbox.
My feel is Microsoft’s big strength as a company was software, its in their blood, its how they gotten started.
Hardware was never there thing. If the Xbox 360 belong to any other company other than MS, the console would have gone belly up long ago. The whole Xbox Entertainment division cost more money for MS to Run than they made back in proffits.


I’d like to think that xbox dying will be good for sony, but now the playstation brand won’t have any competition…


Xbox won’t die at the least it might be bought out by someone else.


Not if the Investors have their say. Xbox has too much “property of Microsoft” stamped all over it to let another company snag one of their IPs.
It be a legal and logistical nightmare for another company to pick up the Xbox, not to mention the nightmare of transferring XBA to a completely new computer network.

Sad thing is, and I hate to admit this Microsoft’s shady dealings is what keeping Sony Honest and on their toes as Nintendo no longer a big player (like they were in the past).


Microsoft finally released the drivers. But, the RT and LT buttons are not working at the moment. I’m not sure what the issue is…