Killer Instinct for Netherrealm Studios


Netherrealm Studios is now separate from Midway.

They’ve rebooted Mortal Kombat, and they’re doing Injustice.

I wonder if they’ll do Killer Instinct. Give it a reboot, but keep the gameplays fresh.

I do like Jago & Orchid as brother and sister.


except KI is owned by rare so it’d never happen


I thought KI (as the name) is owned by Fox thanks to stupid trademark laws? It can’t happen for a while.


It’s all under the hands of Microsoft now. Since they cared enough about the IP to announce the trademark renewal themselves, they might care enough to talk with Fox about it (but who knows).


Misleading title is misleading (sigh)

From thy board rules:


Fox and MS reached an agreement. I hope something good comes out of this soon.