Killer Instinct for SNES challenge: zbattle

who wants to get some games in?!?

too bad you werent around like a year ago. i quit playing cuz theres no good players at all except for bentleet. and he only used orchid.

what about unknown and Atmos?

( and me :karate: )

if you’re the same rocklee i remember from like a year ago, you would refuse to play me, or you would only play one match and run off and we had a couple words exchanged, and you would refuse to play me and insult my gameplay. if thats not you, my mistake.

unknown would never play me except for the few first times. he would always say hes not ready for me all the time, so we would never have another match. atmos was decent, but we would never play much, but theres a lot he doesnt know to the game IIRC.

just doesnt seem like anyone really knows how to play the game these days which blows. no offense to any of the players, on zb atleast, but bentleet seems like the only person to me that had a real clue as to how to play KI properly and actually was OG.

maybe things are different now? who knows, its just too much of a chore trying to get a fight in ki with someone and getting them to stay for me than one game after a real schooling in the game. no one wanted to learn, oh wells…

naw man, me = Nasir -X or Genei-Jin on zbattle. I was joking about me but Unknown, is good man he knew a stupid amount of glitch and semi-re/dizzy. one thing i notice is that he sometimes gets frustated if the matches dont go his way alot. maybe that’s why he didnt wanna play you.

I’ve been playin a bit lately, its been fun. I’ve beaten everyone ive played pretty soundly though EXCEPT Atmos, he’s goood and cool and easily the best person I’ve played on there by FAAAAAAAAAAAAR. I have nothin but respect for that guy. I’d love to play him again. Haven’t seen “Bentleet” but i think atmos mentioned him too.

Unknown, I played a while ago. i only played him about 5 or so rounds and im not gonna judge him off that. But he seemed more about trying to land flashy shit than about winning.

What I’ve run into on zbattle a bit is lots of people use the “Easy combo breaker” code at the VS screen. Annoys me but it just works against them since it makes their stupid Killer Orchid combos even easier to break >=D


i hate that easy combo breakers nonsense, i usually just begin to mash after they pick there characters so they can’t do it :tup:

rock: ah ok, my apologies then.

at the time i was on, bentleet>>>>atmos. i let the scrubs do easy combo breakers, doesnt bother me, cuz 99% of the time, my combos are unbreakable/unblockable anyway. outcome is still the same =)

I’ll play you. I’m not that good, but I’ll give it my best. I’m way better at Street Fighter.

cool, thats the spirit. We can play Street Fighter too though. Or any other game you happen to like. I’ll AIM ya or somethin.

i also wanna play you sometime sabre. and rocklee if youre down

GGs Magnifico. Another user proves to me that I suck so incredibly bad with the keyboard. Good thing I’m getting that adapter to plug my ps controllers into my computer.

Anyways, ggs, and I hope to fight you again sometime.

I wouldn’t mind playin on zbattle aginst you guys, but it never lets me play anymore since I got DSL.=/

magnifico: maybe ill randomly jump out of retirement and throw down a couple of ki games for good fun. is 1.36 still the standard emu version on zbattle or what?

I can’t use ZB either on my DSL connection. SNES9k is my only option.

probably cant use your dsl cuz dsl modems are notorious for having built in firewalls that you cannot bypass. well some can, and some cant. you should probably search for info on your dsl model on how to forward ports from the actual modem or disable the firewall on it.

or you can try to use a program called port magic to see if it can bypass any bs that prevents you from playing.

or its also a big possibility that your ISP does not support UDP packets, which is the preference on ZSNES. I think snes9x only uses TCP packets, which makes for a much laggier game. zsnes can use tcp too but its not recommended IMO…


Atmos take that shit off :frowning: it’s mean

and Atmos is top tier


anyone kno how to do Combo’s 22 hit combo? ugh… I use to know how… but then I forgot… Im so frusterated now becuz the guy keeps falling down b4 I reach 16.

tthe one I know is:

c3B,cF+2,B+1,cF+5,B+1,cF+5,cB+1,F+1… then power-up juggle (cb, f+3)

the initial roll has to be the 3 hit version or the opponent falls down

cool. half the people seem to use 1.36, other half use 1.42 (latest vesrion.) I just have both and switch depending on what they have usually.