Killer Instinct on Virtual Console

some dudes over at killer instinct online are doing this petition to get KI on the virtual console. if they get enough signatures it will show enough interest in the game for a VC release.

all you do is put in your name and and a message (if you want to)

show some support lets get this on the VC

well for one, that will not happen. as rare holds pretty much all the rights to KI. and rare = MS. besides, why virtual console? its just an unchanged port of the snes. which is easily available via emulator. Why not get the arcade version on live, with online, leaderboards and all that jazz? much better idea.

Word. I stayed for away from the snes version cuz it looked like shit compared to the arcade, and just plain felt wrong. Looked like a crappy sega genesis game.

Thread got owned.

well in all fairness, snes did look like shit, and a lot of fun glitches were removed. but actual gamplay, tactics, and competitive playability, i thought were more refined on snes. but arcade was way more fun. vastly different games.


personally i dont own a wii or none of that new shit, so its really no big deal weather they do or not. would be cool tho.

just spreadin the word from KIO, Pz

how to bait sabre to post = make KI thread?

i hate you SK!!!


anyway, closing due to this having no point, and never happening