Killer Instinct PC Arcade Stick help


So I have a Qanba Q1 and I tried to play KI with it, however it won’t work. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? It kinda seems rude for Microsoft to leave out certain brands of sticks


You need an Xbox 360 stick to play KI on PC. There are programs that allow sticks with DirectInput to translate to XInput controls like xbox360ce or XOutput. Apparently there are plans to add DInput in Windows 10 in the future as a general Universal Windows Platform update but nothing happened since late March.


That’s really depressing. I find it obnoxious that they’re only allowing microsoft related controllers and sticks. Despite it being on the pc



Ahh he posted :wink:


I’m not sure if this will help but i’m currently using a PS3 stick on PC using JoytoKey for playing KI
If your stick is DirectInput it should probably work, all JoytoKey does is map the Joysticks inputs to the keyboard and ti works fine for me


lol even street fighter only supports xinput only, to play sfv on pc you’d still need another program


My hori commander 4 wont work with ki or sfv any idea why got ds4windows installed? Fightcades working tho


Ds4windows is for Dual Shock 4 controllers hence ds4.

Try using xbox360ce or xoutput for your FC4.


And that will work for ki and sfv?


Ok got my pad hack stick working

But the xbox one stick with a ps4 brooks converter aint working?


Im in the same situation. TE2 Xboxone with brook converter to PS4. Cant make it work for KI :\


As I said to you already: USE XOUTPUT. it WILL work.
(if it works for SF5 it will work for KI, and I’ve tested Xoutput on:

  1. Brook PS3 to PS4 adapter.
  2. Brook UFB in PS3 mode.
  3. Brook UFB in PS4 mode.