Killer instinct PC, fight sticks compatibility?

[left][/left]I read a post yesterday about the release date of Killer instinct pc and the specs as well

Even though my specs are excellent on pc,

but when they said "Additionally, it was confirmed that Xbox 360 fightsticks will be compatible with Season 3 on PC at launch, while Xbox One fightstick support will come sometime later

so what about the ps3 fightsticks will they not be compatible to this game
I own the madcatz fightstick pro and mayflash arcade stick which they work on the PS3 and PC,
and Yes, I have windows 10 and tested both of them on game control panel and they work fine

but it’s just this is something new, cause this game is being cross play on xbox one, so would my fightstick be compatible to this game or what?

here’s my mayflash fightstick, it’s been modded

it should work just fine as long as it gets recognized by Windows w/o using any other programs/drivers.

If the game doesn’t support Dinput like SFV, your sticks won’t work unless you use a software like X360ce

thank you, I just need to know, cause i thought i had to buy another fight stick for this game

interesting, I’ll keep that in mind

Currently xbox one stick dont have the 3k and 3p buttons working on pc. Thats probably what theyre refering to.
The statement implies that theyll release a new driver that will allow those buttons to be used aswell.
Then again many people prefer 6 buttons anyway.

As for ps3 sticks. Im guessing theyll need a Xinput wrapper for Windows store games

would that means i should use the xpadder program?