KILLER INSTINCT Petition Bring Back No Mercy Finishers

KILLER INSTINCT has returned from the dead for Xbox One but one important component may be missing No Mercy Finishers and Stage Finishers. Fans of Killer Instinct want this as it was part of what made this game special. KILLER INSTINCT without No Mercy Finishers and Stage Finishers is like Mortal Kombat without fatalities it just wouldnt work.

Currently Double-Helix Commented that

No Mercy’s and Ultimate Combo’s are currently not planned for the game as the they believe “they aren’t necessary”. This can change, however, if the fan community pushes for them to be included. They said if the public wants it they will make a effort to add it.

Please Support This Petition and share with follow fans of the game here is your choice to make a difference.

The Petition is currently setup to send all signatures directly to the game developers.

Hey guys there are many many Killer Instinct Video up now talking about game play, graphics and such. Here is my video that talks specifically story line breakdown and conclusions. The video also touches on nostalgia and inspiration in the beginning. The story board is narrirated by me, and it leaves no stones un-turned enjoy everyone!