Killer Instinct players out there?

A shot in the dark I figure, but worth a try…
Are there any good KI players out there? I wish I could get together with other players and go at it. Playing against the computer and with a sorry ass player my friend is isn’t that much fun. South Florida area gamers out there? :frowning:

Sorry, I’m all the way in Kansas.

Hey, what city in Florida are you talking about? I’m in Jacksonville and unfortunately we don’t have KI but I played the hell out of it when it came out. I have it for SNES but it’s not the same and I have KI Gold which I play. I’m pretty good but I wasn’t able to find anyone who knows where in Florida does there exist a KI machine. Last time I tried this, my thread got closed.

I so miss that game:o

Well, I was talking about the South Florida area. It’s really hard to find a KI machine these days. Last time I saw one was at the local mall, but that arcade got shut down and turned into another women’s shoe store (wtf?)… Emulation is the only way I play both games now.