Killer Instinct Tournament - Family Fun Arcade (Granada Hills, CA) - SAT (08/16/08)

We brought Killer Instinct into the arcade, and it’s doing surprisingly well. So well, that many people have asked for a tournament.

Rules and times are subject to change.

The Game:
Killer Instinct (v1.5d)

The Location:
Family Fun Arcade
10363 Babloa Blvd.
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 360-0419
Sol3, Milky Way Galaxy, Virgo Supercluster

The Time:
Sat, August 16th 2008 C.E.

$5 per entry
pot split will be 70/20/10.
There may be an extra first place prize, but it’s not confirmed yet.

Eyedol is banned.

Combo Breaker Mode and Turbo Mode are not allowed.

Selecting stages is allowed, so is not selecting a stage. If the scrolling dungeon stage comes up (which has no corners), then the match will be on that stage.

Winner keeps character, loser gets to counter-pick character. If you need a double-blind character pick for the first match, let me know when I call you up for the next match.

For those of you who don’t know about double-blind character selections, this is how it works. It’s meant so that neither player knows which character their opponent will use, thus you can’t choose your character based on their character. The person requesting a double-blind pick will tell me (or someone else if I’m not immediately available) the character he/she will be using. The other player will select their character first and the one who told me their character chooses what they told me. I will verify that the character was the one I was told by the player.

The version is v1.5d, so keep that in mind if you’re trying to do glitches.

Glitches are allowed as long as they don’t crash the game.

If there’s anything I’m forgetting let me know (because I haven’t played the game in ages).


mr wiz

i wanna go to this :woot:

I was surprised when I looked over the tier list.

This game is very well balanced:

Top Tier

  • Orchid
  • Cinder
  • Riptor

Middle Tier

  • Glacius
  • Sabrewulf
  • Spinal
  • Combo

Low Tier

  • Jago
  • Fulgore

Bottom Tier

  • Thunder

Orchid and Cinder were obvious to me, but to see Thunder, Jago and Fulgore so low was shocking.

I couldnt believe family brought in a Killer Instinct cabinet… its about time! I hadn’t played the game in forever, but for the past week or so ive been ON it. Remembering combos and always creating new ones makes this game dope. Been practicing my orchid, sabreworlf, cinder, and tj combo ftw!

ya thunder is pretty garbage,

i see that the cinder inf wasnt banned??

Cinder infinite is not banned.

It’s in the game, and it doesn’t crash it.

That’s typically how I like to run tournaments, if it’s not an additional thing (like a code, though some codes are fine in some games) or if it doesn’t crash the game it’s allowed.

Hopefully that won’t make everyone choose Cinder only, we’ll see when the tournament starts.

P.S. For those of you who forgot how to do combos, I made a How To: Combos guide with lists for each character of what links. I didn’t make it exact (i.e. This is how to do the 18 hit killer combo), I just put in the tools for everyone to make their own combos.

wtf, yall dont do the unbreakables, man i wish i could show up and run the sticks on yall

cinder’s infinite should be banned.

it makes it too easy to win…all you have to do is be slightly ahead, and then just juggle them till the time runs out…it will make the games pointless, and if it’s allowed, i think most people that know anything about the game will pick him.

Jago is a decent character, he’s actually pretty good with happy-feet, but Thunder and Fulgore both are horrible characters with horrible normals; Fulgore is only better cause his specials are slightly more useful, his normals have a lil more range (like his, he has his unblockable mindgame (…or is that just SNES? I forget), and he can still pull off unbreakables easier than Thunder ever could. Thunder is a pretty hopeless character compared to the high tiers. Also, KI is a VERY unbalanced game. It is so broken and the balance so out of ordinary that you will cry once you begin to realize it. There is also a serious “Rock-Paper-Scissors” effect in character matchups, meanin that some character will do good against some, and very poorly against others. But Fulgore and Thunder do bad in general. XD

P.S. - The tier list was made by me, with some help from SaBrE and Paul. :wgrin:

I really wish I could attend the tournament, but it’s way too far for me, and I cannot afford goin there just for a tourney. :frowning:

And Cinder’s infinite SHOULD be banned. Now doin the juggle once or twice in a row is ook, however doin it INFINITELY is completely game breakin, and kills the whole point of even tryin anymore. There is NO way to escape it, period. Cinder’s infinite makes him more powerful than Eyedol, and will guarantee the opponent will lose that lifebar the moment it starts. Only scrubs with no skill use it. Even in Guadalajara, where the KI arcade scene is active and people abuse glitches big time, they still agree that anyone who abuses his INFINITE is a noob. I myself have played KI competitively, and I know what it takes to be a winner in KI; infinite unescapable juggles don’t make a real winner, just a lucky loser.

I don’t really agree with the tier list either…unless there’s a lot I don’t know about the game…Sabre, Combo, and Glacius are top tier to me, and Orchid and Riptor should be at High Tier…

Naw, this tier list is actually very on point. It sums up various things such as glitch potential, unbreakable combos, normals, move priority, range, usefulness of specials, combo reset potential, least character-matchup weaknesses (rock-paper-scissor concept), character speed and a lot more other things. You have a lot to learn about KI my friend. :smile:

Rock-Paper-Scissors match-ups for characters, huh?

I wasn’t aware that it was going to be like that. If we need double-blind character selection we can do that. Also, I didn’t set-up the rules for winner keeps character or changes character, yet, but it’s not too late to set them.

I’ll make it Winner keeps character, if you need a double-blind pick let a/the tournament organizer know.

Ma Phuck , wish I was there for this.

I think everyone should choose their character from the very beginnin of the tournament, and stick with it all the way to the end. It will prevent anybody choosin another character’s weakness, etc. And I still highly suggest you ban Cinder’s infinite; the skill level required to do it is nowhere near on the level of those other games you mentioned in the PM earlier, yet it’s extremely cheap and devastatin. It’s one of the reasons the KI scene died in the 90s; ask any other player who was very active in the KI arcade scene, they’ll tell you the EXACT same thing!