Killer Instinct Tourney @ FFA 8/16

Here’s the Results:

We had 7 people show up.

4th place: Ernesto
3rd place: Napoleon
2nd place: Eddie
1st place: Pablo Bert

The character picked most often was Sabrewulf (by a large margin).
2nd most was Cinder. Jago, Fulgore and Thunder had no plays.

Most people didn’t opt to use the double blind character selection, and just chose their characters straight up.

Great job to everyone at the tournament, hopefully we’ll have another.

Good to know that ppl are still playing KI.Do u have any vids?

sabrewulf was most picked char? wow thats odd

Sabre shoulda rode out to this

GJ Pablo!!:woot:

K.I. still one of my favorites :slight_smile:

Tell me you saved vids…