Killer Instinct XB1: Season 2 hits October 15th. 20 dollars for Combo, 40 dollars for Ultra



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If Killer Instinct being on the Xbox One does not fit what you are looking for in a Killer Instinct game, this thread does not fit you. You have been warned.
This will be the new home for people who want to talk about Killer Instinct for Xbox One.

I will be using this first page to update with info regarding how the game is played, the basic mechanics and general FAQs for the game and the Xbox One. This game is being more fronted by legends in the fighting game scene than probably any other fighting game ever. This is truly a community effort fighting game and we need to emphasize that first.


**NEC14 hosting First Official KI major in Philly this weekend! **

11/23 Much more visible artwork of the new Fulgore. Spinal gameplay/stage pics.


11/21 Launch trailer is out. Fulgore artwork revealed.

11/17 CD JR vs. Filthie Rich set at NLBC

11/6 Microsoft giving away Killer Instinct (all characters, most likely 20 dollar pack) FOR FREE! Must live in North America and supposedly have had Xbox Live for 10 years.

10/22 IGN showing off a TON of a new information on Halloween. Maximilian states “FINAL characters will be revealed”

10/1 Ryan Hart approves the Xbox One exclusive, Killer Instinct.

9/20 NEW: Sadira revealed, Orchid teased (dat booty is back) and Ken Lobb confirms that Shadow Jago is not one of the original 8 characters (yet will be available to those that purchase new year of XBL, details are still hush hush past that).

9/16 Mr.Wizard confirms that Evo will be all Xbox (except for PS3 exclusives). Meaning the entire tournament is most likely sponsored by Xbox. Which could possibly also mean KI is a shoe in for a main event at Evo.

**9/4 Xbox One Launch Date Set

A new snippet of Sadira’s theme

**9/3 : Sadira’s theme teased on Mick Gordon’s Vine.

-DRDOGG’s Pax Impressions

9/1: Microsoft confirms Killer Instinct to be one of their “Xbox One eSports games” during a Halo tournament earlier today.

Gameplay changes part 2


8/26: What do you REALLY GET with this Xbox Live deal?

Supposedly buy Xbox Live for 59.99 and get Killer Instinct Round One with Shadow Jago. Some people think this means you get all 8 characters + Shadow Jago for free if you buy Xbox Live. Which would essentially be like giving you the entire 19.99 Combo Breaker pack + an extra character. Hopefully this clears up soon so we can figure out if we can just buy a year of Xbox Live and not have to worry about actually purchasing the game.

-Overview of features/ideas/tidbits from E3. For those that just want a general synopsis of what features are in the game that make it worth the purchase. (text description below video)

Things I got from the video:
-GGPO/rollback style netcode. Wasn’t specifically said that they are using GGPO, but they confirmed they are using rollback netcode and that the creator of GGPO (Pond3r/inkblot of SRK fame) is helping them with the code. Meaning they’ll most likely actually be using GGPO.
-An explanation of the counter combo breaker system/what it is and how it works (they call them “bluffs” in the video)
-The way the announcers voice works (Will say “combo” after your combo if you cash out all the damage built up with a finisher, otherwise just says “master”, etc with no “combo” added to it.
-Ken Lobb himself feels like this is the KI he was trying to make back when he did KI 1
-If you can keep up with the lingo, the entire combat system is explained pretty well at about 30 minutes into it including linkers, manuals,frames,potential damage, KV meter (plays huge part in how long your combos can be), JUGGLE SYSTEM, difference between fierce and medium auto-doubles, hidden enders,
-They all check out this forum on a regular basis and read all the feedback/posts
-Updates and balancing will be done on the fly, wont have to wait for updates to be released they will just be downloaded automatically as soon as changes are made.
-Every characters different enders will do different things (extra damage, launcher, wall splay, refill meter, etc). You can do the ender that will best fit your needs in the moment.

  • It has a “Super Deep” practice mode. They think most training modes in games “suck” and feel they have made a really nice training system.You will be able to watch tutorial videos as well using the xbox one snap feature while playing the game.
  • They will be tweaking the game extensively after launch. - They are smart enough to know when to listen to the community, and when not to.
  • They Hint at possible online tournaments
  • They mention having a grappling character
  • In depth explanation of Glacius’s gameplay mechanics
  • Every combo breaker is a hard knockdown
  • Quote from Ken Lobb “No Fucking way is this a free to play game.” Their goal giving Jago for free is trying to get as many people into the fighting game community as they can and are confident you will buy the game after playing it, and you do have the option just to buy the few characters you might want to play instead of the whole package.
  • New features, characters, updates, etc will constantly be added. They are treating this as a long term investment. In this regard you will NOT have to buy newer, more updated version of the game. (unlike street figher… )
    -They will show frame data in the moves lists.
    -They are looking into being able to do different enders depending on player performance as mentioned in this very forum
    -Every show they go to they will have a new playable character and tease another one as well and dont have a set number of characters yet, they want to grow the roster as long as people play the game
    -Riptor was a girl


Breakdown of Microsoft Stream.** New info on added features and teaser of weird/new character.

8/20: Pricing details for game revealed. 39.99 for Ultra Edition.

** 8/8** Double Helix’s interview. Showing why they believe they can give you a product worth your money.

** 4

- For those worried about the online play, in the Evo panel it was said that the company is going to be using a rollback netcode similar to GGPO (do not admit to using the exact same coding/brand). They are directly consulting with Tony Cannon/Pond3r (the creator of GGPO and one of the founders of SRK) on how to utilize the netcode.

- Extra info on how Killer Instinct One’s gameplay will work and what you should be thinking about that may be different compared to other fighters. In a game where combos are long and regular, the idea is to make a game where not every stray confirm is always leading to damage. Not to mention also stop people who try to break you out of your damage. The combos right now may seem like they don’t do enough damage or the combo breakers may seem to occur too often, but once you read the below and add in top level players…you may want to think a bit. Especially since doing the below successfully adds A LOT damage to combos.


Basically…you’ll want to have played poker before if you want to understand exactly how this game works compared to other fighting games. It’s a constant mind battle even during the combos and works around the idea of bluffs and reading that someone will bluff.

Bluff in poker = a bet or raise made with a hand which is not thought to be the best hand. To bluff is to make such a bet. The objective of a bluff is to induce a fold by at least one opponent who holds a better hand. The size and frequency of a bluff determines its profitability to the bluffer. By extension, the term is often used outside the context of poker to describe the act of making threats one cannot execute.

The idea is to read people and ALSO to read that the opponent is trying TO READ YOU. Reading that the opponent is trying to read you in this game is called a bluff (specifically utilized with the counter breaker). The bluff is the “I know you’re trying to stop my combo, so I will stop you from stopping my combo” strat. You make the opponent think you are going to bash them with your super duper strong hand of rapid auto doubles with Sabrewulf that are easy to read and counter break. You go for a counter breaker by pressing MP+MK when they try to combo breaker, you blow through their combo breaker and continue your combo. Which stops them from being able to combo break for a few seconds during the “lockout” phase.

Essentially from the Evo panel there’s a triangle of strategies as you’re being put in a combo. More akin to a real fight, there are no true combos and you don’t get anything guaranteed just because you are swinging attacks in succession. This is very radical in ideology compared to most 2d fighting games (or fighting games in general) where everything is rigid. You win a position in the spacing game, you get all of the damage from what you just hit confirmed. The only chance to get out being a burst mechanic in some anime/air dash games that recharges very slowly (on average will get access to the burst twice in a match at most) games and can be baited rather easily.

This in some ways in controversial, because in the past no fighting game that has worked around these types of mechanics has been heavily successful in tournament turnouts and general competitive player recognition. Dead or Alive has never gained a huge following in the tourney scene mostly due to this and it’s aesthetics. The closest to that is probably 3S, but your combos in 3S are always rigid with no breakers. It’s mainly the neutral game in 3S that only keeps adheres to the system and does so with not as much consequences as what is in KI.

Killer Instinct looks to change that. Keeping the neutral/footsies mostly rigid while allowing a lot of dynamics to be had during long combos instead of the typical “anime game style get put in a youtube video 1 player game” situation.

**The triangle of strategies/yomi during a combo is

1.Breakers beat Attacks
2.Bluffs beat Breakers
3.Attacks beat Bluffs**

Example of each scenario during a combo:

  1. Typical KI1/2 anime game combo breaker/burst strategy. You know the opponent is doing a combo on you and you know they’re doing the same canned part with the same move to maximize damage. You use a combo breaker/burst to get out of the combo. In Killer Instinct combo breakers are part of the engine in the same way that special moves are. There is no limit to how many times you can break a combo. There is only a penalty aka “lockout” for guessing a wrong breaker. In the older KI games there was no penalty as long as you eventually guessed right. Not anymore. Which is why knowing or feeling a pattern will be better than guessing.

Knowing this is typical for beating people who mash on easy execution HP/HK auto doubles (similar to chains) just to maximize damage quickly without much combo theory. Auto doubles can be broken much more easily than manuals (basically links) since you can break auto doubles during frames outside of their hit stun. Higher level play will revolve around the use of LP/LK, MP/MK auto doubles or manuals (links) to give the opponent less time to reaction break you and force it more towards a read or a guess. With the lighter doubles and manuals they will have to guess the type of attack and do it at the right, strict timing which will make the success rate for the breaker really low at that point.

  1. This is where things get interesting. As you’re doing combos you may be getting used to that typical heavy auto double combo or manual that gets you the damage. Let’s say you haven’t practiced the game enough to understand how to switch up your combos too much and the opponent gets pretty solid at catching the strict timing for your manual that you always use. You can then go “alright, you’re screwing me out of my max damage, so I’m going to catch you trying to break my combo and use your breaker against you”. If you press MP+MK you go into a stance mid combo. This stance does nothing, but break combo breakers. If successful you’ll blow through their breaker, be able to continue your combo as normal with a damage increase. On top of the damage increase they will be locked out of being able to break a combo again for 4 seconds. Giving you time to throw in your heavy auto doubles, rapid doubles or manuals and activate instinct mode for maximum damage.

This will be one of the key tools to use for those that think the game is too combo breaker heavy and want to keep their combos going against novice to average players who abuse the break system.

  1. Attacks beat bluffs. This is where the yomi during combos comes full circle. This won’t be necessary or seen a whole lot until high level play really kicks in. This is when you’re done going through all of the “I knew you thought I was going for max damage, so I stopped your attempt to stop my max damage”. Now the opponent can turn that table back on you again. “I know you knew that I thought you were going for max damage, so now I know you think that I think you’re going for max damage so you’re going to bluff and actually not have any real cards. I know you don’t have any cards and will punish you with my hand of combos instead. You thought I was a combo breaker masher, but I am beyond that and know you are scared of me mashing breakers.”

This is essentially the idea of setting the opponent into thinking you are going to break their combo, because you may have tried once or twice and succeeded or failed and got counter broken/bluffed. You catch their bluff and know they really don’t have an arsenal of weapons or big set of cards to throw at you. They try to catch you escaping their big combo, but you are patient and force them to whiff their counter breaker and now you are putting them in a combo. The circle is complete.

Lockouts: Lockouts are a new thing to strive for in Killer Instinct. Now that everything is breakable there’s a lot more incentive to get out of long combos. Well…as long as you don’t get locked out. Unlike the older KI games, you can’t just guess forever on getting out of a combo. If you really love combos and want to put someone in a big damage “put em in a movie” combo, you can still do so. You’ll just have to read into if the opponent is trying to break the combo or if you’re trying to stop the opponent from breaking your combo. If the try to break the combo and you mix up your doubles and manuals well enough, they time the breaker wrong or use the wrong breaker and get locked out. If they guess right on the combo breaker, BUT YOU KNOW they are going to combo breaker, you can counter breaker and they will also get locked out.

Once the opponent gets locked out, they can’t combo break again for 3 to 4 seconds (I believe it’s 3 for missed combo break, 4 for abusing combo break and getting counter broken). This also ups the damage and if a counter breaker caused this, resets the KV meter (potential hits you can do before person breaks out of combo without any penalty).

**NEW 7/29

  • Added Buktooth to important people in the community you should know about working on the game.**

**-Preview of Chief Thunder’s theme on Mick Gordon’s Vine **

**- Mick Gordon’s soundtrack suite on YouTube. ** The guy who is working on the music for the game and he makes sure to pass all of the music to the original music composers of KI1 or 2. They have to approve the soundtrack before it gets put in the game. Also supposedly went to Southeast Asia to learn throat singing for Jago’s song.


[/spoiler=Mick Gordon teaser suite]

Legends of the FGC that working on/with this game that you should know more about:

FilthyRich Essentially the game’s Seth Killian. Working the hardest to ensure that the community is actively playing a role in what happens with the game and relaying what is happening to the community. Top Tekken player and many of his videos from Tekken 5 to Tag 2 are on youtube. His ability to stay calm and collected during the Xbox One booing at Evo shows he is the man for the job.

Ken Lobb One of the original developers for the KI team, resurrected specifically to help with the authenticity of the game. Went on a huge winning streak at E3 against multiple top and generally well known players of fighting games at the game. Shows after all of those years he is still formidable at fighting games and isn’t a bad guy to have working on them.

James Goddard Old school SF/ST heads know who this guy is and others may have at least heard the name. The history of SF2 worked where Americans had a big part in the release of Super SF2 and Super SF2 Turbo. Originally Capcom didn’t intend for those games to be released, but people like James pushed for such a release. James Goddard was the creator of the character DeeJay in the SF universe and brought a unique character design and worldly aspect to the SF series. One of the only 3 characters in SF history to be designed by an American.

He also developed the acclaimed Genesis/SNES fighting game Weapon Lord that system/feature wise, was probably ahead of its time. Had a parry mechanic, fatalities and an interesting combo system. (Project Lead: James Goddard)

The only fighting game that litearlly let you style on people during a fatality. Juggle their decapitated head until it splits into multiple pieces all over the battle field.

MikeZ Really isn’t too much that needs to be said. Huge fan of Killer Instinct and Marvel vs. Capcom 2, who used concepts from both games to help create the well received indie fighter, Skullgirls. Known for doing very well with very unorthodox, grappler based teams in MVC2 and being a strong Blazblue player in the earlier days of the game. He’s done more combo videos for Killer Instinct, MVC2 and other games than you can shake 2 sticks at. As a game programmer he is most likely overseeing development of the game and adding his own input for the direction the game should go in. It’s been said that he’s already figured out some really nasty combos within the game engine. It’ll be interesting to see what he ends up doing within the game.

Buktooth A staple of the CVS2 community who has won quite a few local and major events in the game. Known for playing an unorthodox, execution centric team of N groove Hibiki, Iori, R2 Morrigan. Known for playing Ibuki in SFIV and helped write the guides for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Did a lot of FAQs for CVS2 on GameFAQs so his helping the community predates before many people here were eve playing fighting games competitively.

This does nothing, but show that this is the premiere game to buy if you are looking to support the fighting game community for next gen. It doesn’t get better than this. The community of the last 20 years is literally inside this game.

Filthy Rich’s System Info: Learn more about the game from a Tekken legend and the game’s main PR guy. Explains the basics of the combo system. The combo system is rather unique compared to most other fighting games, but you’ll have some characters like Sabrewulf who have typical light, medium, hard chain starters. >>>>

Moved: Killer Instinct (XB1). Fulgore artwork revealed. Spinal gameplay pics
Killer Instinct Forum
Killer Instinct First Impressions
Are people actually hyped about the Killer Instinct reboot?
Killer Instinct (2013)

Thank you Jin :wink:

Video Game General - The road to E3...You're fanboy and you know it!

Much obliged, Jin.

Now getting back on target, anyone think Thunder might have some new special moves coming up? He had four in the original KI, two of them being openers.


Yeah I see him getting some new stuff. They removed/added stuff from Glacius special move wise and gave him like 3 new command normals. Which makes him seem really fresh since I don’t think command normals were a feature in the older KI games.

We’ll see if he ends up being a grappler type like people figure. Long as the feathers on his head still work and he says some Native American shit, I’ll be fine. Probably not going to use him any way, but I’m glad they’re starting off the reveal hype with bringing back the old KI1 characters. Which I assume weren’t thrown in 2 for hardware reasons.


Filthie had a good thread going on DH site about game mechanics but it looks like the site went down again. I think he mentioned they were going to overhaul the forums and add some self moderation features. Sounds good to me!

Anyhow I think the breakers/counter breakers sound really awesome on paper can’t wait to see how the mechanics stand up to competitive play.


Which people are you talking about here?


I will update the first post with that info soon.

Yeah the counter breaker stuff I’m really into. Really forces more of the mind game of whether or not you should just let the opponent do their combo sometimes. At first I thought it would just break the combo breaker and that’s it, but it looks like it basically just forces through the combo breaker and allows you to continue comboing as normal. Really like the idea.


OH SHIT saw a tweet that said Madcatz was streaming KI at SDCC about 4 hours ago… looking at archives now.


Updated First page with info on very important people in the fighing game community that are working on this game. Showing that although they have time to prove themselves, this game isn’t just being made solely by some second rate game company trying to make a buck. The fighting game community from the last 20 years and more is working on this game. People that were making fighting games when some of us weren’t even alive.


So about the game itself- They have still not convinced me that all that simple TAC-like RPS stuff that happens after you score a hit, is nothing more than fake depth, which is going to take away from the actual possible depth. If winning the (what seems to be very one dimensional) post-hit RPS battle is going to be more important than the combo starter itself, the neutral game is going to suffer from it really badly.

The thing about guaranteed damage is that it provides a real reward for your effort in the neutral game – and most of the depth lies in the neutral game. It’s harder to hit with the slower moves, and/or hit someone from point blank range, so the game rewards you by letting you do more damage the harder you had to work to earn that specific starter. Temper with that reward with a layer of forced RPS and you’ll end up making the game much shallower.

If you know enough about 3D fighting games, then imagine the DOA series at its worse times. While the effect is going to be a bit different (because you remove the importance of a different fundamental aspect) the end result of “overall worse game” is similar to what I think will happen.

I really hope those FG design superstars you mention in the opening post have some sort of answer to this problem. Really, the only thing I heard about it in the media coverage was “Don’t worry it’s not RPS because if you know the animations you can react to the heavy hits.” Like, holy shit you don’t solve a simplistic RPS problem by removing scissors…


For one, it’s not Capcom so it’s not about forcing stuff like Cross Assault and using pure gimmicks to entice people into playing the game. They’re not trying to get you to go on a TV show to win a bunch of money and hype up the game. It’s just simply people who have been working on or playing fighting games for a long time who are actually working on or within the game. The community isn’t in this game to force stuff on you, they’re in it to show that they want to make this a game that the community will genuinely like/or not like for what it is and not so much the fluff like with XTekken.

I think the RPS deal regarding combos is something you can debate, but in the end we’ll have to see how it works out in person at tournaments first. In the end video games are still…video games and this game came out during a time when making a video game was more important than making sure it was super honest. This game will be more honest than what the older Killer Instinct games were, but if you’re looking for a game that adheres specifically to hardened specifics established by fighting game players then you won’t get that.

The game is designed to bring back a unique take on fighting games that pushes the boundaries of what people consider honest or solid for a fighting game. 3rd Strike and Dead or Alive have gone through similar issues yet 3rd Strike was played for years in the US and still played regularly in Japan at tournaments. I feel the unique potential of the combo system makes it so we can have a fighting game that truly works more to how a real life fight does. You don’t just get all the reward just because you hit someone one time in a real life fight. They are still cognitive enough to fight back after receiving a blow and it will be interesting to see if they can make that work correctly within a genre of fighting games that’s known normally for rigid rewards after every hit.


Edited my post to be clearer. I’m not arguing that they are going good business by going with something “unique” and going with what symbolized the franchise (and “catering to tournament players” in the western scene begins and ends with PR, not in the actual mechanics.)
I’m just disappointed because “unique” doesn’t have to mean “worse” but in this case the goal seems to justify the means.


Worse is subjective in the fighting game community. Majority of the games at Evo are considered by hardcores to be worse versions of their older games. Yet they are still played by the majority and carry on the competitive legacy of said games.


But how is that relevant for this thread? I mean clearly when I talk about shit I present MY opinion, and when you talk you present YOURS. The popularity of a game has nothing to do with what you and I think about its mechanics.




Thanks Jin, Ibuki player and KI fan, we’re like kindred spirits lol.

I think if Chief Thunder becomes a grappler that he will most definitely lose his projectile. I think he’ll have his spins as a way of getting like Gief’s Greenhand or T-Hawk’s Condor move.

If’s not like that and he’s more of an offensive, frame-trap type of guy with big damage like Paul Phoenix, then watch his projectile, tomahawk spins and everything be super-safe on block in a game where everything seems super safe on block.


I believe he won’t lose his projectile for a simple reason as him throwing it in the teaser. Also, there’s one thing that makes it hard for grapplers to do, getting in. From what I hear from DH/MS teams is that they want to keep each game like KI. That means, big combos and people getting hit and the mind game around fighting. They stated that they wanted a zoner for KI and with Glacius they want him to be an aggressive zoner, but still give him some type of options to defend himself when someone like Sabrewulf is close by (puddle punch). I think they will do the same with TC. I think they want to give him some type of option for when he goes against a Glacius type of character.

While it is true that you should be rewarded for your neutral game, I do believe that you shouldn’t get all the potential damage that you can. In a “real” fight, someone could land the first punch, but anyone knows is that you are going to fight back. If you mess up trying to fight back, the initiator can continue messing you up. But at the same time, you can block their next attack if you see it coming and from where. So the potential damage is how much you could have gotten if the person just didn’t or couldn’t do anything and the “cashing” it in is just finishing it up, more video gamey of course but still. I believe Jin mentioned something like this.

Ken Lobb specifically mentioned that breakers were put in the original KI because he didn’t want people to just become spectators when someone is doing a combo, you should still be able to play the video game. It’s like getting combo’d in Marvel and the TOD. If a fight, you would be able to fight back, so why not in a video game.


Why does everyone think that Chief Thunder is going to be a grappler? Did they hint at this or something?


I don’t like the idea of putting in mechanics that forces high execution requirements.

From what i’ve gathered if you perform a combo using links instead of the auto combo canned strings they become much harder to break.

I can only guess that will result in people only using the links in high level play since canned strings will probably be memorized and practiced to be broken on reaction.
The linked combos will probably be optimized to be more efficient than the auto combos once people have their hands on it if they already aren’t so why put additional negatives
about them in the game.

The auto combos themselves seem like a good idea to get people into the game faster since it cuts down on the learning curve for combos but if they are then immediately told not to use them
what’s the point ?


That’s really where every discussion about the honesty of a fighting game ultimately leads to any ways. You really never have to argue anything anymore after you realize that.

Different fighting games’ mechanics work or seem more interesting for different people. Smash is pretty much ass backwards as far as mechanics/system features compared to other fighting games, but people find a lot of depth in that as well. I feel every fighting game should try to do something different to give it its own feel and things to think about and that will just be the way KI does it. It won’t be 100 percent to what every player feels a fighting game should play like, but as long as it adds different things to think about it should feel interesting and have its own identity.